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  1. Stable server you got there

    the problem of these random discs/server down moments is that we are not compensated in any way
  2. Game is not lauching - Error 4049

    already did the steps mentioned there.. not worked =/
  3. Game is not lauching - Error 4049

    Not found.. =)
  4. Hi, guys. I just installed the game and played it normal.. but only for the first time. After I closed the game, every time I try to launch, I receive this error: The Game Client encoutered an error while running. Shutting down the game client. (4049)
  5. Hard spikes - fps droping

    Are you guys installed the game on HDD or SSD?
  6. Hard spikes - fps droping

    impossible to play on dungeons.. =/
  7. Hard spikes - fps droping

    Are u guys using 2 monitors?
  8. Hard spikes - fps droping

    I think i dont have these guys Riva Tuner Statistics Server and MSI Afterburner =/
  9. Hello guys! Im facing a problem with hard spikes. My FPS is droping drastically from 100 to 10 and then, less than 1 sec it back to 100. These spikes occurs every 5 seconds. On Chinese Blade and Soul client, this issue does not happen. My PC config: i5 2500K MSI P67A-GD80 Crucial 8GB DDR3 1600mhz ASUS MARS GTX 760 Windows 8 64bit