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  1. Reccomend Me A Class Please

    Ahahaha at least its better than nothing ^-^ good luck and have fun on your summoner
  2. about the launcher breaking patch....

    Patient is our best friend right know , chill back and watch some videos or streams while we wait for an update ^-^
  3. Reccomend Me A Class Please

    You can use a small ear/tail setup and work on some features to make your Lyn less "childlike" i've seen a few that don't even look like lyns
  4. Blade of the week series!

    Looks a like a plan , update us when you post something, looking forward to it.
  5. Just be ready for the Queues when the servers are up again :3
  6. Yeah after a while some Windwalks can be come specially annoying.
  7. I got my premium points the only thing that i noticed is that in the website it says that Initiate Pack gives 20,800 Premium Points, and I only got 13,800 points on my account for some reason...
  8. quest help in senitel coast

    If its a costume thing just go to your inventory and on the left of your SoulShield there are the costumes equiped just press RMB otherwise might be a quest item and you need to finish a quest so that the item can be remover
  9. How Dose the Queue Work

    Ye like @846705_1452550168 said Premium have priority but sometimes and bunch of them will log-in and your time will increase :/
  10. Marketplace bug

    The NPC you are talking about does give acess to "Bank" , Mail and Marketplace and also you can acess the Marketplace trough F5
  11. How do I EVEN Ncoin?

    You also have Dragon Express in your inventory it's pretty usefull aswell
  12. Way Of The Summoner Tip

    Combo worked fine for my friend. probably you had some latency issues :/
  13. This is a really nice guide, thank you so much Paci :3 #Paci'sArmy
  14. Cutscenes can be skipped but what i've found out is that as soon as the cutscene starts the leader of the party must press ESC to skip it otherwise you have to watch it all