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  1. Upgrading siren>pirate profane>breeze

    I already got Pirate so IDC. lol
  2. Outfit tooltips are still wrong?

    You can only salvage outfits that are bought through the store. I have never come across one by other means that can be salvaged.
  3. What do I do now?

    Do your 40 dailies everyday for money/exp. Then farm dungeons or PvP with crafting in between.
  4. NCSoft Please save the game From Bots

    Really? This has been a thing for years on other servers. They are literally EVERYWHERE on Taiwan. It's sad.
  5. Hackers in PVE and Hackers in Arena

    Does this involve you paying NCSOFT money? No? Then they don't care.

    Why are you talking about Soul Fighter? We haven't even got Warlock yet. This is a looooooong ways away.
  7. No Boost EXP from food

    Yeah I noticed this too and wasted several.... Such a garbage translation....
  8. Bots Farming Quartz Everywhere.

    Yeah, the price of moonwater quartz just went up 400% in the last week. I was wondering why... Thanks bots... Thanks devs for doing nothing. lol
  9. Can't edit my forum profile!

    These forums are terrible. The glitches are ridiculous. I can barely quote people half the time.
  10. So whats expected of you to pug a BSH

    Prance if you want a lot of crit, get Endless Tower soul shield 1,2,4,6,8 and Bloodshade 3,5,7 all can have base crit on them. Then use high level crit soul shields to upgrade each piece.
  11. REALLY picky players

    No AP diamonds... LOLOLOLOL
  12. REALLY picky players

    This is exactly what I am talking about. You people have no idea what you are doing. Accuracy is USELESS in this content. The only things you can miss are Blackwyrm, Vermillion and Saphire Terror occasionally. The only time accuracy should even be considered is in the level 50 Snow Prison Palace against the last boss. HP should not be geared for unless you are in PvP. All soul shields should be geared and upgraded for crit so every time you hit, you heal yourself because hopefully you are smart and have a healing Amethyst gem equipped. This is key for 4 man content as healing is limited and you can't get hearts from Dragons Blood.
  13. Fix Combat Mode Already!

    The game hasn't even been out for 5-6 years. It's been out for 4. But I agree, this is a terrible known issue that is almost game breaking and it still has not even been talked about by the devs. It's pathetic when your entire party is trapped and can't wall run to get to the next part of the dungeon. You have to escape and run all the way back. (Can't wait for portals inside dungeons)
  14. We really need kick option in party.

    Yeah I had some idiot in 4 man BSH yesterday decide he was going to be an *cricket* and troll us by AFKing because he was mad he kept dying and basically screwed us out of an hour and a half of work.