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  1. Increase in Account Compromises

    Hi folks, We wanted to inform you that we’re seeing an increase in the number of customer support contacts related to compromised accounts. We have been analyzing the situation, as well as the affected accounts being reported to us, and NCSOFT accounts are being targeted through use of account credentials obtained from data theft at other online services. If a login and password are used across multiple services, a compromise at any of them creates an opportunity for account theft on all of them. It’s critically important that you not only use different passwords across sites and services, but that you regularly change your passwords as well. We’ve placed temporary bans on some accounts in the hopes of protecting you, our customer. If you receive a notice that your account has been banned, please contact us at to verify ownership and change your password. If you’ve used the same password for your NCSOFT account anywhere else (or haven’t changed it in a while), we recommend you change your NCSOFT account password to one that is not shared with any other online accounts. Here are some tips on constructing a good password: Use a unique password for every account. Do not share passwords across accounts. Do not include common words, especially words like “password” or “user.” Use a mixture of upper and lowercase letters, numbers, and symbols. Or use four to six words that have no relation to each other. We’re continually monitoring this kind of activity and are working to improve our own security measures. We ask that account holders take precautions to ensure their credentials are unique, complex, and secure. Thanks to everyone who has added to the discussion on the topic so far.
  2. Forum spam

    It's not really my skillset - but we do have smarter people than me working on that.
  3. Forum spam

    I was looking for love. Thought I might need some black magic or voodoo spells.
  4. Forum spam

    Hey folks - Yes, there are some spammers here, working their black magic. We're tweaking some settings to make it more difficult for them to post (those also make it more difficult for new people to post, which we don't want to discourage). We're also in the process of increasing moderation resources, adding more moderators, etc. They are getting set up now. In the meantime, please report anything you see to help use expedite removing it.
  5. Pale Stalker censored?

    Hey folks - we're looking into this now. It's 3pm on a Friday, so it may take a little time.
  6. WTFast and BNS

    Hey there - wanted to clarify. We don't ban people for using VPN or WTFast. We don't support those products, so we can't provide tech help with them. If you are ever banned and feel it was incorrect, contact our support team to appeal.
  7. mfw

    I just got an email that said this should be working now.
  8. Hey there! We're working on this. It's been heavily requested. Looking at increasing the cap or just automatically clearing out accounts that have been banned. Don't have an eta on it, as there's a lot going on, but it's on the list!
  9. Oceanic Server hosted from NA? NCSOFT?

    Hi there, We are considering it, but there are currently no plans for this. To give you some context, we only have the publishing rights for North America and Europe at the moment, so there is a process for us to go through if we did decide on this. There are definitely some very passionate players from that area - and we appreciate them - but it's a much larger conversation for the company. edit: Oh sorry. Tired and didn't read it correctly. I can ask about this, but my guess is that, at this point, it would just create frustration, since we can't do character transfers for everyone that already picked a server. Also, there wouldn't be any improvement in service between that server and the others, since they'd all be in the same place.
  10. My char lvl roll back!

    It looks like just a lobby screen error. People are seeing it fine when they get in game. Let me know if that's not the case for you!
  11. Server got rolled back!!!! LOL

    It should be fine to log in. We're looking at this issue. We think it's just the lobby screen not getting refreshed... but if it's more than that we'll let you know!
  12. Extremely shady stuff from NCsoft

    Hey there, There's nothing shady going on. The 1-year name hold is (to us) a strange policy. It has been working fine in Korea all this time - but we were surprised to find out about it, as it's a little different than the usual. It's one of those things we didn't find out about until people started doing name changes. :) Work with customer service and they'll get it taken care of or get you a refund.
  13. Any hope for Oceanic players

    Hey there! None of the things you mention are banned, nor will they get you banned. They are just not officially supported. We don't have any plans to put servers in Australia currently. We don't have the rights for that territory technically, only North America and Europe, so it would take some time to expand there.
  14. Greedy Game

    Hey there - I just sent this over to be investigated. We have to figure out if the game is wrong or the website is wrong. :)
  15. I'm sorry - I did have a chuckle at this thread... because I've done exactly that same stuff in the past. :) Customer service will be able to help - you're not the only one to have done this. The wait isn't that long (but it's certainly not short at the moment, either). They've been adding staff to help as well.