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  1. Okay, First things first you will need 10 - 13 Dragon Soup. Which can be bought in the hongmoon store or in the Market place known as Scorching Dragon Soup. Why do you need Dragon Soup? Because mob grinding is only good with 2x experience. If you don't use the soup you might as well level by doing quests. How To Mob: NOTE: If mob level is X, then you get full exp if your level is X-3 to X+2. 1. Luring: Always try to be out-of-combat. When you hear the "ding" aggro sound, sprint a bit away from the mob. If you are on the field (as opposed to inside the dungeon) where you need to compete with others for mobs, you need to hit each mob once. This makes it more dangerous, so be careful. DON'T go invisible on sin! 2. Gathering: stand at a place and wait for the mobs to come to you. Classes with cheesy blocks and long duration iframes (e.g. fm's ice tab) have it easy 3. CC'ing: Knockdown, stun, daze. Need to be aoe. Knockdown is the most common. If you rely on knockdown or stun, then grab a yellow gem that gives lifesteal when attacking a knocked down or stunned foe. Since you are aoeing them next, you gain a lot of hp back! 4.Killing: Just like it says, Drop all you're aoe damage skills and kill them! What's Needed: 13 - 15 Dragon Soups 20 - 50 Cinderland Escape Charms (recommended but not needed) 20 - 50 Moonwater Escape Charms (recommended but not needed) Time for Leveling: NOTE: If you're struggling staying alive i recommend leveling your weapon, and trading valor stones for Soul Shields at the valor stone traders. 1. 1-4: Starting village, do all main+side quests 2. 4-9: Do all main quests. If you don't do the purple learning quests with Hajoon, then you will be at level 8 and short by 1k exp when your next main quest requires level 10. There is a kill 5 mob quest that gives 700 exp and a talking quest that gives 200. Then you just kill 3 random mobs for the last 100. 3. 9-15: Dreamrift. The mobs there are level 12. Eat a Dragon Soup when you get in and you will be level 15 when it wears off. Leave once you hit level 15. NOTE: at level 12 you will get a dragon soup in the survey. 4. 15 - 17.5 Do main Quest up until you finish all the Jadestone Village Main Quests. You will then receive a quest about your professions, finish it then grab 2 GATHERING professions, complete the side quest for the (1k exp each) leave both professions, grab another 2 and complete the side quests, leave and so on until you did that to all the GATHERING professions. UPDATE: Gather professions are: Stonecutting, Fishing, Trapper, Green Thumb, Tree fellers, Herbside Service, and Prospector's Union. 5. 17.5-20: Do main quests till you finish Viridian coast. Do the Blackram dungeon daily. This should be the 3hr check point. (more or less) 6. 20-22: Do main quests up to Wraithbloom Meadows. You NEED level 22 to continue so if for some reason you're not 22 once you get to Wraithbloom Meadows, do a few side quests that give 1k+ exp until you are level 22. 7. 22-25: Go to Wraithbloom Meadows, beware this is an open field and other players may be trying to grind also. At this point you are pretty overpowered compared to the mobs. Try mobbing 3 or 4 at a time, and if that's too hard consider killing one by one, or drop one to a low hp and then move on to the next and finish off with some aoe. This should take one Dragon Soup. 8. 25-31: First finish the main quests up until you enter The Scorching Sands then head over to the Vulture's Dig + Jackal's Dig, which is on the far right side of the map. Make sure to activate all the windstride checkpoints on your way. Mobs here are level 28. Leave once you hit 31. This should take 3 Dragon Soup( 25-27.5 | 27.5-29.5 | 29.5-31) This should be the 5hr check point. (more or less) 9. 31-33: Do main quests till Boneyard. You will be a bit short of the level 33 requirement for the wolf village main quest. Just do a couple of side quests in wolf village. There are two quests with 3200 exp each. At this point you will have another exp food from the survey. 10. 33-38: Boneyard. Mobs here are level 36. This is also the first time mobs don't just die instantly. This should 3 Dragon Soup. (33-35 |35-36.8 | 36.8-38) NOTE: Cinderland Escape Charms will speed things up. So buy them or craft them. They're fairly cheap on the market place This should be the 7hr check point. (more or less) 11. 38-40: Predator's Den. Finish Cinderland's main quests, get to present day moonwater plain. From there you can run to Predator's Den in Lycandi Foothill. In Predator's Den, skip the earlier mobs and head straight to the bear room. You don't need to get to level 40, No worries if you're 20k exp short. This should take 2 Dragon Soup (38-39.3 | 39.3-40) NOTE: Moonwater Escape charms are like amazing in this. Totally worth and WILL cut down on a lot of time. 12. 40-41.7: Do main quests until you get stuck at a quest that requires level 43. The first Necropolis main quest requires level 41. This is why you need to be almost level 40 when you finish bears. This should be the 8hr30min check point. (more or less) 13a. 41.7-44.5: Forsaken Crash site. Skeletons! Mob them up, make sure you tag them because there will be other players doing dailies/grinding money. This should take 3 Dragon Soup. 13b. 41.7 - 43: Do Forsaken Crash site then from 43 - 45 Finish the rest of your Main Quest, and do E fleet Dailies, Arena PvP Dailies, and Moonwater Faction Dailies. This Method is adds a lot of time but you're getting your end game dailies done, so it's worth it in the end. 14. 44.5 - 45: Finish main quests. This should be the 11hr check point. (but this is in a perfect world with no crashes, no brakes, fast loading, no one stealing mobs in a open field area. 16 - 21hrs is more reasonable)
  2. You misunderstood, They said there won't be any at moment, they are planning to bring legendaries with a different concept so it won't be p2w
  3. Warlock Expert difficulty?!

    Ftw people are stuck on KFM being a "hard" class. Anyone with a sense of rhythm and basic game mechanics will stomp with kfm. All the difficulties that are given are irrelevant to the actual game.
  4. 1 - 45 in less than 24hrs? [Guide]

    As I told the guy before,
  5. 1 - 45 in less than 24hrs? [Guide]

    Well like I said it's personal preference, me running through yellows+blues takes me 25+ hrs compared to me doing my method which is 16ish hrs. That's a BIG difference. I can't vouch for anyone that says this method takes under 15hrs because I can't do it under 15hrs. Also I did this on my first character during headstart with only 11 dragon soups (had to improvise). Which i was still hitting 18ish hrs. This is what I do, and it works, if you have another method/tactic, that's you.
  6. 1 - 45 in less than 24hrs? [Guide]

    This is what I found most time efficient, but what you added could help some other peeps. Also boneyards is amazing, especially if you follow my guide and stop at the yellow quest think its chapter 21? Soha is locked in the jail inside. It causes more monsters to spawn. Yes, the mobs there are strong but if you know your class it's very easy. Not saying you don't but I stated that this is for people who already know the game, and leveling an Alt or something. But like you said its your observations/suggestions, no harm no foul~ If you follow the guide exactly and have everything memorized it comes very easy. That being said this is much faster than questing straight up, which is why people use this method in other clients, and to point out I did say you need funds for this method, and it's not expensive in gold/hmcoins/ncoin. I don't like to waste time so I made tweaks every time I leveled an alt, I even changed it a little more when playing through the NA client. It's not an exaggeration, 15/16 hrs legitimate. Any less would be pushing legitimacy though. All in All this is for people who find questing boring and brain numbing. My times are 16/17hrs with this method. Doing story I end up 25hrs + just because I can't stay with it.
  7. \WL nuke combos are actually locked behind skillpoints to be effective. To use most your combos effectively on our patch, we'd need at least 45 w/ hm 4, to get a decent start. Also we're getting the nerfed warlock so it's not going to just face roll like it did before. The nerfed warlock takes a lot more skill than the old one did. They greatly reduced the life steal and healing it did
  8. 1 - 45 in less than 24hrs? [Guide]

    NC is unlockthelock This guide will help you level asap! :3
  9. Well I was watching the recent stream, and Korea's sandbox was brought up, it has a built in social media for contacting friends in-game which includes cross-servers. I was thinking we SHOULD have something similar because there is currently so many discord groups, facebook groups, etc. Making keeping in contact with multiple friends outside of game irritating. Having a dedicated BnS social media connected to our sandbox would help player communications especially guild communications outside of game and in-side. Side-note adding Rating for gold+ players to your player profile would be pretty awesome also~ I'll edit this more later, just a quick write down, what, ALSO you guys should give your opinions and whatnot I'll add to this other suggestions :3
  10. I don't understand why people keep saying "no we won't get this because of this version" and anything along those lines. We're not following any other versions patches. As said on streams, the order we get content will be different from East Clients. For example all the people saying we won't get WL until 50 cap. Look at what we got here. Hopefully people will finally stop with this. WL nuke combos are actually locked behind skillpoints to be effective. To use most your combos effectively on our patch, we'd need at least 45 w/ hm 4. Also we're getting the nerfed warlock so it's not going to just face roll like it did before. The nerfed warlock takes a lot more skill than the old one did.
  11. Am i to picky?

    To be honest, I started to notice on my female gon, at first I thought she was like perf, and then eventually her posture started throwing me off and now I can hardly play my Des, even though she looks adorbs.. :\
  12. Red Mask

    Sadly its not tradeable, few guildies found it first try and tried to give it to another guildie.
  13. Just unlock the Warlock already

    It's gonna be like all the other class weeks i'm pretty sure, all the information about the class and basic combos and umm prolly shirt giveaways.
  14. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Yo chill some people skim over it and miss some stuff.
  15. Just unlock the Warlock already

    yeah I should've been more clear LOL More Lyns than Jins. and to top it all off a Male Jin at that XD
  16. Just unlock the Warlock already

    nahh man, at this point, its more unique to be human xD
  17. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I have tons of lyn presets I made just for fun, I could but I don't want to add to the abundance of lyns running around already xD
  18. Just unlock the Warlock already

    I'm thinking about using this preset, I got like hundreds but I can't decide. I hate Jin females with a passion, so I'm prolly gonna stick with Jin Male
  19. Just unlock the Warlock already

    >Plays TW AND JP >Plays WL because fun >WL is nerfed so it isn't OP >Below I have 1 of every class except summoner >I love NC, but I have a right as a consumer/customer to ask questions. >Why are you here to poop on ourconversation
  20. Just unlock the Warlock already

    yeah she liked mine too XD
  21. Just unlock the Warlock already

    True, I just don't want to get my hopes up too much or i'll end up the same way last time LOL
  22. Just unlock the Warlock already

    LOL True! Those are still speculations, they just hinted towards Warlock again like 30min ago saying its coming. So it's pretty much unknown still. LOL
  23. Just unlock the Warlock already

    Yeah people been making rumors about it being summer even though when it was officially said within 3 months. unless summer starts in 3 months in other countries? iunno. I'm kinda dumb with it comes to places outside of NA LOL