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  1. Not sure if this has been discussed or not, but here is a suggestion. In Guild War 2, their auction house not only can list items for sell, they can also list items that they want to purchase. If I have an item, and I just want to get rid of it for more than 1 copper, I would go to auction house and see who is buying the item and toss it to the highest buyer, got my money. Of course, the selling function is still there, if I don't mind selling it slowly, and wants to sell it at market price, I will list the item and see if anyone wants to buy. The reverse is true too, If I want to buy something, but not in a rush, I can request for a lower price and see who want to sell it to me. If I am in rush though, I can buy from whoever has listed the item. It makes marketing that much easier. BTW where is the search function on this forum?
  2. You guys should take a look at poor Canadians... They pay currency transfer rate, cross border transfer rate, VISA fees, and on top of that, TAX... The last time I checked, Canada is part of NA, so why are they not getting their currency?
  3. You guys are lucky to have euro as option... Canada is like nonexistent right now...
  4. Shift as Sprint and sex sounds while dancing.

    I actually have issue with their dancing sound... It's not "sex sound" (moans?), but they are overly joyful when dancing. Dancing animation is great, but the sound just stopped me from spamming it... I want my TAB to be bind to SHIFT and SHIFT bind to CTRL, cause my keyboard is too weird I always press CAPS LOCK by accident when trying to press TAB
  5. That is a very good point, free players can get outfits through Hongmoon coins, but anyone with job would know that working for an hour, even at minimum wage, will earn much more money than playing for a week. It is true that free players who don't care much about outfits can grind them out over time, but wardrobe is not for them, it's for collectors, and players who love to spend without limits. These collectors are one of NCWest main income, and they are forced to buy premium if they don't want to toss their outfits away, or as you said, stop collecting (lower NCWest income) or stop playing (lower NCWest customer counts), either way it is discouraging purchases.
  6. 3. A ) Well, yeah, just saying that they still have the freedom to do it anyways, and may potentially actually do it. Some extra income worth mensioning. B ) Think about it this way. When you purchase an item with cash, you dont want to toss it away, cause cash is real money. So basically you paid NCWest to have one of your precious inventory space locked. C ) If $50 is not fine to people, they can go back to $15 per month, that option should co-exist with $50 option Well, I hope Olive garden doesn't double charge in some way, it sounds just like regular restaruant though. I totally agree that the company need to consider their profit to make decisions, it's common sense that they want to make sure they can survive. What I am trying to say is that my suggestion may not neccessary mean they loose money. Of course the market researches and all that should be done more carefully on NCSoft's side, but reasons why my idea doesn't nessary mean money lost has been discussed before so I am sure you are tired of me repeating it. They already increased the cash shop price anyways. As for dojo, I agree, that place is such a great drama theatre. For curses though, it could be just me, but when I see people curses, I feel like "do you really need to do that? Can your word not able to convince people without using such words?", but I do understand where you are coming from. It does add a personal feeling into words you types. It is definitely true that only NCSoft can invenestigate, but I feel like if they are reading these debate, perhaps it can give a new way of looking at things, and they might start to observe if other ways can earn them more income or not. Again though, I don't know how I feel about paying NCWest to lock my inventory slots. I am paying for something that I don't want to destroy, it will take one whole inventory slot away from me. Your statement is fairly agreeable, because in the end, it's up to NCWest to decide if they can earn more profit or loose more customers. The only problem I am having is that, I think we are all mature enough to realize that "free" is the most expensive in this world. Since the start of this post, I have always been on the topic of alternative selling method of wardrobe instead of asking it to be free. I really do hope they still cares about wardrobes, I believe they don't want to comment here because they have their own plans or difficulties, but I really do hope that they are still following the topics.
  7. NA Already SPOILED.

    Ah ok, 8~10 hours sounds a bit more understandable, 10~12 hour I was about to suggest you check with your local law to see if that is against labor law anywhere... My comments can be safely ignored now since I assume it adds nothing to the conversation. Thanks for clearing my mind.
  8. NA Already SPOILED.

    I didn't follow this conversation and all that stuff, but when I read this reply, I just want to ask "how"... 12 hour shift, healthy sleeping is at least 8 hour, that leave 4 hours to shower, eat, cook, other life routines, and have to squeeze a bit of gaming into it... How hard can you grind? How much time can you grind? Are you willing to sacrifice your quality of life and personal health for a game? How do you grind with such a little time?
  9. Official Forums - Keep me logged in!

    I use Microsoft Edge, not chrome... Windows 10 FTW.
  10. Official Forums - Keep me logged in!

    Well, I don't mind being logged out but please fix the "remember me" feature, it's not remembering me and I have to type my email again every time I got logged out...
  11. 2. Yeah, agreed, let's drop this point cause it will lead no where. 3. A ) Well, premium has premium benefits. Say I have wardrobe unlocked, and I feel like I have more time this week to play, and I feel like I can use the full potential of membership benefits, I will drop extra $15 this month to have some fun. B ) The "hinder" come from the headache of storage manipulation. I don't want to toss outfits I bought with cash, but there is a new cute outfits that just got released. I need to find a way to make space. I played quite a few nexon games, and knows how much money I spent just on outfits (Maplestory is just so cute...), I enjoy the freedom to purchase any outfit I love, which made me spent care free. Now on Blade and Soul, there is a constant voice telling me "Hey... Where you going to store it?" in my head when ever I want to buy new outfit... C ) Sorry for not being clear, but you think $50 is too high? I was ready to pay $50 when I first suggested this idea... By the end of 3 months and one week, seeing how people progress in Alpha, I am making a very reasonable assumption to say that you are most likely at max level, and is doing end game activities or starting on a new character. It's really hard to tell how long players will be playing this game for as well, so these are something unpredicatable. More options more freedom more happy customers right? I mean you don't need to buy premium to support the game, you are still supporting by spending the money. They are definitely trying to enouraging people to buy premium with wardrobe, that's for sure, but at the same time discouraging people without premium to buy their outfit. My suggestions will try to let one time unlock purchase also work in their favor, so they can also earn from a one time purchase unlock. Olive garden? I am not very familiar with it. Is it a place where you need to purchase temporary membership in order to go and eat some expensive dinner? The point I am trying to make is double charging, I dont know how Olive Garden work. Man I am hungry now after Google imaging. I am guessing the reason why they want it to be in premium now is for observation, and I think it's a smart move. If they give it out to everyone now, noticed that they cant live like this, and decided to take it away, the uproar will be really high. However, since right now it's premium member only, if they feel everything is fine, they can be generous and go "here is another option for you" and introduce it. Why thank you, Fenrui, for the compliment. I do appriciate a well mannered and logical debate. People these days feels the need to use curse words or personal attacks when debating, while compeletely ignores the point and the reason behind what that opposing person is making. Which is why I never posted on dojo, just lurks there. I really do enjoy myself reading perspectives of others. This is a great idea for us, the players, but NCWest will actually loose more money this way. I do notice that not everyone is a collecter in this game. If the price is not for all slots for like say $50, then people are just going to buy what they need, like 15 slots for $15. Our discussion is not trying to rip off NCWest, but more of trying to intergrade new method while not making NCWest loose money. I am not saying it's a bad idea, hope you don't get the wrong idea from me.
  12. Wardrobes obtained in game is less valued and doesn't hurt that much when tossing them away, but inventory fill up rate is fairly high at end game. In the end game, you might only have 5 or 6 free slot in storage. Inventory is of course for dungeon loot and potions. Now let's say you bought a premium outfit that you really like, and limiting yourself to minimal spending due to knowing in advance your storage wont fit them all (already money loose for NCSoft), and then next month they released a new outfit that catches your attention a lot, so you bought it. Repeat this a few time and you will actually have to toss away outfits you bought with real cash. So there is Premium Tier and there is the Premium activation. Tiers are leveled up through points, and those points are gain with F10 store purchases, either purchase with Hongmoon coin or NCoin will count toward the tier point. Tier points can never be used up, they will never decrease at all, and it's permanently stays there in your account, but the tiers are useless unless you buy the premium activation. The activation has duration, 30 day, 60 day or 90 days, and once activated, you get VIP benefits base on what tier level you are at. With that said, you can rank up your tier all you want, but without the activation, your tier means nothing. 1. Sorry but I did not have the time to go through history to see every post I visited with polls, and reddit search never gave me anything I wanted... Yes, that one on dojo has a small sample size, and need to be taken with a grain of salt, but for every poll I seen on this topic, the result always yields alternative ways to wardrobe. Beside, the only reason I putted that link is because you wanted me to prove that there are loads of people who supports alternative access to wardrobe. 2. I been playing the game for several years now. I unlocked the entire 2nd tab of the bank and it's almost full, like about 3 space left. No outfits in there at all, they are all materials, tokens, consumables and items that are not equitable. At end game, there are huge amounts of items you need, and if you put outfit into it, there is really no space. There are also 12 pvp outfits that you need to do quests or pvp, carrying all 12 outfits on you is a real hinder on your inventory space. 3. There are some points you are missing, A ) People who bought one time wardrobe can still buy premium when ever they want, they have the freedom B ) Unlocked wardrobe will remover the hinder in making choice for outfit purchases, making potential raise in outfit sales C ) $50 per character, not per account. I guess I didn't make that clear in my initial suggestion D ) If players see $50 per character is too expensive, they will see $15 (estimated premium price) per month for entire account, they will have the choice of what they want. Instead of flat out remove wardrobe from premium, for my previous reply, I meant to say adding another option so both options exists. 4. Fair enough. Different country has different laws, which would make labor fees and operation fees different from region to region, I see the point now. With that said though, raising the cost of cash shop items would be able to combat the operating costs to a certain extent. Seeing this topic, NCSoft is already doing that anyways. You are the first one I heard you won't be buying premium if you can buy wardrobe separately, so you made a point there. The thing is though, and I think I didn't make it as clear as I can, $50 is for each character. 7 Characters will cost $350 to unlock. So either you want to pay $350 to unlock your account of wardrobes, or you can pay $15 per month to unlock your entire account and have added on benefits, both options should be there. Every company need to find a method to make money of course, but it is not done by discouraging customers from buying their product. It's like having to pay for membership (that expires) to a restaurant just so I can have a dinner there, and the dinner is not cheap too.
  13. Who are these "people" you speak of? I know not me definitely. I have been talking about paying since the start of this thread till now, and will continue that way.
  14. 1. Reddit got too much posts recently so I cant find those anymore... Here is the one from Dojo 2. Inventory are going to be filled fairly fast in this game. Paying money to buy an item that will take even more of the space is not only discouraging purchase, but also limiting how many outfits one can buy due to storage limitation. 3. They should make the one time payment really high, and keep the wardrobe unlock in premium, so players can either choose to buy premium and not having to pay for unlock, or choose to buy unlock and doesn't need to be tied up by premium. 4. You are right, we are not in those areas. We have a lot more population and a lot more potential players, which means more potential income. I just don't get it, why can other regions do it while we can't. Think about it. Don't worry, I know you are not directing anything toward me. As long as it makes logical sense, it is a discussion, and should make people think about it. I never have the intension to force anyone to buy anything, I am suggesting to just put it in the cash shop, so people can buy them as they please. I am not too sure where you get the 40 outfits from, but there are at least 290 outfits in future, and some hats as well face and accessories. When you buy an outfit using real cash, a month later, cuter prettier outfit came out, so what do you do? You going to just toss the old one you bought out? I sure won't be tossing anything I purchased with cash... They are limiting the number of new outfits we can buy as they come out. Wardrobe is a convenience which improves quality of life, totally agree, but compare to other premium benefits of boost in benefits, wardrobe is something that should be in cash shop alone, and not in premium. I have never once heard anyone said something like "I am not going to buy premium cause I can buy wardrobe separately".
  15. 1. Yes, I agree, not everyone thinks like me, but according to polls at multiple places, either reddit, dojo, or other fan sites, I can confidently say that majority of people want the wardrobe to be out of premium. 2. Yes, costume is a big income, but by limiting how many costume one can buy, it limited the income of what costumes can make. 3. In your eye, there is only F2P and VIP, what about those who paid for continence but does not want to be in VIP? 4. Again and again I bring up JP server being non P2W and still have wardrobe I totally agree with you, wardrobe is convenience, so are other cash shop items like viridian keys. That's why I am suggesting to put wardrobe unlock as a cash shop item, like how you buy a viridian key. I am not asking for it to be free, make me pay for it, I don't mind, but don't make it expiring. Again, you mentioned non-paying players, I do pay, by all mean take my money, I just don't want to be forced in to buying premium and feel like I am being tied down to the game. I am not trying to be dramatic here, I am trying to be reasonable.