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  1. Early game disappointment

    Glad I'm not the only one that feels like this. I was confirmed in game that the change came through Korea, which I suspected anyway. I know part of the process of getting the game in different countries is making sure the content is appropriate and tailored (to a certain limit) to the country it's going to. So I know a lot of that happened when the localisation was donne for BnS in NA. I can't talk much about Korea, I have no idea, but the country have a very big focus on eSports so that kind of change probably suits them just fine. In NA though I get the feeling, while we're not adverse to eSports, we have a certain bias toward story and progression. I don't know how much NA/EU can diverge from the Korean evolution and leveling system and still be eligible for eSports, which I know is a big concern though I would assume it's more on the balancing and skill availability level, but I do hope there is something that can be done.
  2. Early game disappointment

    I don't know if it's because I have some experience, if it's because I was given premium for a short time for returning to the game after somewhere between 1-2 years hiatus, or if it's just that easy, but there is absolutely no challenge anymore in the early game which was already relatively easy to begin with. I wanted to start over and redo the story since I have been gone from the game for so long and I wanted to get back into the story, but I'm heavily disappointed in the gaming experience I'm having at the moment. I get the idea, streamlining the early game so people can get faster to the good stuff, but the early game was good stuff in my opinion! Right now I've only just finished act 1, I'm hoping the quest levels catch up to me some because at the moment instead of being happy for every level I gain, I'm frustrated because I remain overlevel constantly from simply doing main quest and ignoring the side quests. I know the old weapon progression thing was an annoyance to some people with how much grinding was needed even in early game, but I don't think just giving us gear like that is the way to go. Doing dungeons to upgrade your weapon and other gear may have been too complex and tedious before but at least when you got it you were happy, you had a sense of achievement. And the dungeons were actually challenging and fun. It gave us a feeling of progession. There is absolutely no feeling of progression, of achievement, in the early game. MMOs thrive on giving players the feeling that effort = reward, hooking them into playing more. At the moment though, early game seems like an overly long prologue. A lot of the content I liked doing is now completely useless and would make me even more over leveled if I did them. Hell, I wanted to do Blackram Narrows for the nostalgy but after waiting for half an hour I had to abandon getting any party members. And yes, I can do it when I'm high level enough to solo it, but it breaks the flow of the story when the content was placed there to be completed at this specific point. Overall, the change trivialise what is a pretty good story. It dishes out reward for no effort other than the effort of bearing through it till the later content. Another big part of what I consider to be the problem is how the story presents vilains, talking about them as if they're dangerous and strong etc, but when you defeat them in 5 seconds by simply mashing buttons, it removes the feeling the story is trying to impart about those vilains. No one would have liked Darth Vader if Luke defeated him in a second. Everything is totally anti-climactic and the only feeling I'm getting from this is annoyance. No nostalgia, no challenge, no rewarding feeling I've experienced in this game before. I know it'll probably get better in later Acts, I definitely hope it does, and having already played this game before a good amount I know that the end content is going to be good, so I can bear with it. I already experienced the early story when it had impact, so I can handle it being trivialised. But I'm having a hard time believing that potential new players would enjoy a game like this when the first however many hours of gameplay has none of the appealing aspects of a video game. This game is great, and I recommend it all the time, but I'm very sad to see it go this route. I'm just one guy ranting on the Internet, I'm not expecting things to change really and I don't even know if the changes originated in the NA/EU version of the game or in Korea (my guess would be Korea), but maybe my opinion will be seen and considered (and potentially translated) by those that have a hand in making decision on the design of the game. If you've read all the way here, thanks and have a great day ^^
  3. Blade Soul Crashes on Loading Screens

    Is it a nvidia driver crash? You can check Event Viewer -> Error -> Application Error (double click) You'll get a list of events of that type. Check the time and one should normaly match the time the game crash. I personnaly have the nvd3dum.dll crash (it's a directX 9 dll) Here's the thread where I report my error, check it out maybe it's the same. I listed a bunch of stuff I tried, I would suggest you try them too if you can (and if it is the same issue and not something else)
  4. A little bump for this one. I RMAed my GTX 680 and received a 770 (yay free upgrade!) Installed the 770 after removing all drivers with DDU in safe mode, then installing the latest ones with clean install. Issue wasn't resolved, I tried reinstalling the game on my SSD (which for some reason didn't go smoothly, the install kept stopping and closing client with no error message. When I restarted the client it would quickly go back to where it was at and continue installing then stop after a few seconds. After a bunch of times doing that it finished installing and I could play, but same issue. I doubt it's related but worth mentionning) Almost forgot : I've been told there are issues with PCI-E 3.0, NVidia and official Windows drivers. Wondering if that might now be the cause?
  5. Hmmm, thanks for the info. Yeah I knew that the drivers were nvidia which is why I contacted their tech support as well as EVGA, the manufacturer for my card. Neither were able to solve my problem. Still, I'm relluctant to RMA my card yet, first of all cause I need it for my infographic class, second cause I'd end up with a long time not able to play either. Also, I'm not entirely sure the driver crash is caused by faulty or damaged hardware, but since I don't have a second card to test I can't be sure. Same for my powersupply unfortunately, I don't have the money to just buy another one and risking it being useless since the one I had before was perfectly fine. The issue did happen in windows 7 before so downgrading won't solve anything for me most probably. Oh! something I haven't mentionned (I'll add it) is that I cleaned off and reapplied thermal paste to my CPU heatsink. My temps are to my knowledge acceptable, from around 30-40 at rest, and around 65 at load. During loadings I can hit 80 but it drops back down to ~65 when loading is done, so I kinda discarded the CPU overheating as a possibility. I didn't check my GPU temps though, but from memory when I was running EVGA precision X with the game temps never went very high and I know my card can hold up to 98 degrees according to official answer. I've been thinking about just doing a reboot of my computer. Will have to wait till after my school semester is over but if my issue is from corrupted or conflicting drivers, or background processes I somehow missed or can't close for whatever reason, it would most likely solve everything. Though of course I'd much rather pinpoint the problem, both for me and for those that may have a similar situation at the moment or in the future.
  6. Thx, I do try to wait a bit before going in any portals, but they're not the biggest problem since we don't actually use a lot of portals that requires a full loading page. My main issue is mostly with loadings from windstriding or reviving, as well as opening the game. Anyway thanks for the answer ^^ EDIT : Updated the stuff I tried
  7. Hello Blade and Soul community! For while (since Alpha), I have had this issue. I have been at war with this since before BnS actually since I was experiencing this with FF14 too and can't even play Star Wars Battlefront for a similar issue (but different .dll, more on that below) It is my hope that some of you more techy people may have a solution to this since it has been increasingly worse recently. So here's my rig : CPU : i7-3770 3.40ghz (not overclocked, core voltage is around 1.0, fluctuating from under 1 to 1.1 depending on activity according to CPU-Z) RAM : 16.0gb (2x 8gb sticks, they run on 1.65 volt out of the box according to label so my DRAM voltage has been set and kept there) GPU : GTX 770 with latest drivers clean installed after I RMA my 680 (Old : NVidia GTX 680) OS : Windows 10 64bit (was window 7 till yesterday, I never approved of the update but apparently it was scheduled and I came home from classes to a win-10 computer -_-) Other : I do have razer keyboard and mouse, but I don't use synapse, I even uninstalled it. Now for the issue : I will sometimes be able to play hours without a crash. When I do crash it happens in many forms and ways, but most frequently it just crashes to desktop with a message saying the application stopped and windows is trying to find a solution (which of course, it never found) Sometimes it proposes me to send my crash report to NCSoft, which I do in the off chance some dude stumble on it and sees something that has to be fixed. Other times, game freezes and I have the "not responding" messaged. Lastly, I also sometimes get the full BSoD treatment or just complete computer freeze that forces me to restart. This happens sometimes randomly, like standing or running or fighting, but the amount of activity in the zone I'm in doesn't seem to really change much of anything, it's just super random. This though doesn't happen that often, the random part. say 95% of the time I crash on loadings. Zone changes don't make me crash that often (exemple getting in PoH 24 man), but it's still a loading so it happens and those kinds of loadings are not as frequent as others so maybe I'm just lucky on those. Windstriding will make me crash often, as will reviving myself (and it sucks because when I get back in sometimes I'm still dead cause it crashed before the half point of the loading, so I need to revive again and potentially crash again). Another thing, is opening the game simply. I will sometime crash anytime between pressing "Play" on the launcher and having to enter my PIN after the game open. Then of course, once I select my character and go to enter the game properly, I have a loading so I will crash... very often. It can sometimes take me up to 10 tries before I finally manage to get in the game. BSoDs and full PC crashed are thankfully not as frequent. They will happen in the same situations, mostly loadings. In average, I will crash about 10-15 times a day, depending how long I play (not including the multiple tries to get back in) and will BSoD/Full PC Freeze 1-3 times out of those if I'm unlucky, none or once only if I am lucky. Recently, it has been worse. I have never had a BSoD happen in a row but I had 3 of them in a row trying to open the game at one point recently. Those full pc crashes used to happen only 1-2 a week, now we're talking about 1-2 a day, so it's becoming very hard to deal with. I'm also playing on lowest graphical quality to somewhat give it a chance, objectively, I doubt that the quality settings don't actually change anything since I actually crash just as much on lowest settings. Still, I get the impression that I crash less with lower settings, which might be the case, but impossible to really quantify since it can happen either a lot in a row or not at all for a few hours, depending on my PC's mood I guess! I am a very patient person and have managed to still enjoy the game while crashing all the time (thank you my friends for being patient about me crashing in the middle of questing!). Anyway! Here is the message I get in the event viewer for this issue : (old, this was with the 680) Faulting application name: Client.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x56f51b5b Faulting module name: nvd3dum.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x55c3e7fe Exception code: 0xc00000fd (this can sometimes be 0xc0000409 or 0xc0000005 but more often than not it's the fd one, which apparently means stack overflow error. Still, it all points to memory, but I know the errors can be cause by a lot of random or weird stuff) Fault offset: 0x008a47e7 Faulting process id: 0xd8 Faulting application start time: 0x01d19070ad261356 Faulting application path: Z:\Blade And Soul\BnS\bin\Client.exe Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\nvd3dum.dll Report Id: ab7e9998-c0ef-432c-a6e0-fad1454dddd6 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: (error with the 770, it's the same of course) Faulting application name: Client.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x57220f13 Faulting module name: nvd3dum.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x57209c51 Exception code: 0xc00000fd Fault offset: 0x008b2e07 Faulting process id: 0x2708 Faulting application start time: 0x01d1a678ea50dc07 Faulting application path: Z:\Blade and Soul\BnS\bin\Client.exe Faulting module path: C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\nvd3dum.dll Report Id: 6b65b546-4af4-47dc-b667-96bcf59ac3cc Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID: It was the same thing with FF14 for the dll and exception code, which is why I feel like it's not the game but something on my computer... that or both FF14 and BnS have the same issue which is not impossible I guess. Had a different one for SW Battlefront (nvwgf2umx.dll) and I don't remember the exception code there. That might just be EA though, people say they're infamous about that kind of things for new games. I also have a lot of WHEA warnings for parity errors that were corrected, like this : A corrected hardware error has occurred. Reported by component: Processor Core Error Source: Corrected Machine Check Error Type: Internal parity error Processor APIC ID: 0 I'm pretty certain the issues are related or caused by the same thing, but I sometimes get WHEA warnings when I'm not playing and sometimes I won't get any while I still crash so maybe it isn't. Still, those are usualy warnings that the CPU is unstable and people bump their VCore to correct it, but that is on overclocking websites that I got that information, and I'm not overclocking so I'm not certain if that trick is viable for me. I does sound like a hardware issue to me, but I'm just an amateur so I may be completely wrong. As I said I've been at war with this issue forever. Things I tried are : - Removal of Graphic drivers and Clean instal with DDU (display driver uninstaller) - I reinstalled direct x a bunch of times with the end-user microsoft app in case the drivers were corrupted or something - I obviously reinstalled the game multiple times - I have checked my fans and air-flow and they're all clean. CPU has heatskink well installed and the fan is also clean. - I have checked for overheating, using various thermometers and neither my GPU or CPU reaches a point that is deemed dangerous while playing intensive games (I have been told that 70 degrees on CPU while playing games is safe, maybe those people were wrong?) - I have talked to both NVidia and EVGA(the manufacturer) customer support and they had me do bunch of modifications in my default settings to what I suppose is their known most stable settings. - I have performed a memory test and it came out clean - I followed the instructions here : - I even added a TDR delay of 8 sec for 32 bit in my registry as was advised on some other site to someone having a similar issue with FF14 - I tried rolling back to older graphics drivers but since I've been having this issue for so long I don't really know how far back I should go. - I did a bunch of other stuff that I don't remember probably, but you get the idea. - Updated BIOS to latest version - Updated all my drivers in the Device Manager (including chipsets, etc) - Uninstalled Anti-virus and reinstalled it, adding exception for anything related to Blade and Soul, Gameguard and Awesomium - Cleaned off and reapplied Thermal Paste on CPU's heatsink, stabilised my CPU temps a bit but didn't solve anything. - Changed GPU (RMA my 680, I now have a gtx 770) - Tried installing BnS on my HDD instead of SSD, then back on the SSD. I had some issues installing the last time, the installation would stop randomly and I'd have to reopen the client, where it would pick back up where it was last, install a bit more then stop again. After a bunch more times it managed to finish installing and I was able to play (but still same issue) As for things I know I could try but haven't done yet (some I will try after this post) : - Try my RAM sticks separately by removing one and trying different slots, etc... I've been meaning to try that for a while but always forget. I'm gonna do that when I finish posting. - I haven't tried underclocking my CPU or GPU, but I'm not knowledgeable enough to know how to do that in a stable way. - Playing with voltage of my VCore and DRAM, but I'm not overclocking so I feel like this is not going to change anything - Stress testing my GPU in some way, I haven't searched for a good software to stress test it's memory yet. - Making a few hours Torture test of my CPU and memory with the Prime95 software - Could it be my power supply? So there. I probably am forgetting a lot of things but if you guys have suggestions, I would love to see this thing solved without changing my graphic card or send it in repair (but since i'm in warranty anyway, I will probably do that if the issue is still there by the end of the month before warranty ends) Thanks in advance! :)
  8. Now I havent' read the whole topic since from what I saw, most of it is people trying to scream at each others over the Internet, probably typing REALLY HARD on their keyboard for it. Still, I do want to give my opinion on the proposed solution. I personnally don't mind the system as it is now, but I can agree that it's probably bothersome to others. I can understand that people like the World PVP style but can't do it until they're max level or they get one shot. They would like to run arround in their faction outfit while lvling and attack other players of relatively same stranght. But, as stated before, they can't since the first max lvl that passes by will kill them. Still, I don't think giving debuf to high lvl players killing low lvls would help at all. Then, it will be jerk low-lvls attacking high lvl players to try and provoque them. Yes, they will litteraly be like annoying flies, but don't kill the fly or you'll be powerless for a while / till they die. So let me suggest something else : Why not make it so players with 10 lvl over another player can't kill him, unless the lower lvl player attack the high lvl one first. So unless you attack the high lvl player standing there waiting for you to spawn, he can't kill you. If for any reason you want to attack him, for fun, suicidal tendencies or other, just hit him and he'll just one shot you as expected. I personnaly killed one very low lvl player by mistake, thinking he was a mob, this solution would also prevent that.
  9. Kung Fu Master Positioning Difficulties

    I see what you mean. I personnally even have the issue when I use the RMB to send the ennemy in the air. Sometimes, probably related to the position I was when using RMB, I will end up behind my opponent's hitbox and the follow-up combo won't show up. the guy is in the air and I end up punching nothing since it doesn't register me as facing the opponent. So I have to manually back up a few steps when that happen, but if I was too quick on the follow-up button, My opponent will fall back to the ground before I'm in place. It's a bit annoying but manageable.
  10. I'll draw your character! (Until CBT hits)

    Nah I'll just work on it again and redo it. I just was in a rush on the alpha start so if I take my time I'm confident I can redo it :) Thx for the advise though ^^
  11. I'll draw your character! (Until CBT hits)

    I uninstalled the chinese version of the game almost 6 months ago :( as well as everything I had on it except the screenshot folder. EDIT : actually much longer than that, it's actually been more than a year.
  12. I'll draw your character! (Until CBT hits)

    Thanks! I really appreciate the comment ^^ I unfortunately didn't manage to remake her as well on NA server since I was a bit in a rush to play at the time X) but I'll be sure to work on it more for the release.
  13. I don't have a screen on NA but here's one I took a few years ago on china servers (she's the same since I redid her here)
  14. I'll draw your character! (Until CBT hits)

    I unfortunately don't have a screen of my char on NA, but I have one of her on China server I had a while ago, she's the same since I just remade her here x) Here she is :