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  1. This is a right mess, isn't it? I feel bad for your CS, which are going to take the brunt of this blunder. I can understand how you might have no say on what is put in the final build. However, clearly, your understanding of your overlord's wishes was off the mark; big time! Even worse yet... how did the development team think this was okay? How? Anyone with common sense would know this would blow up on their faces. Could you have actually known from the start but were afraid of telling people? Either way, both NCWest and NCSoft failed its player base today; many of which are paying customers. A mealy mouth "we're sorry" isn't going to cut it and you know damn well that it won't. Go back to your overlords and make them understand, otherwise, the player base sure will. As it stands, any plans I had to spend money on Trove keys are in an indefinite hold.
  2. Ncsoft doing things wrong

    Omeed, I have a question regarding these measures. Why is it always reactionary to come up with answers to coping with RTM and botters? In every MMO launch to date, all developers are always reactionary to this subject, as if they don't expect their servers and their games to be inundated by bad actors. Did NC not have a plan in place to proactively take care of this issue from the start?
  3. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    While I understand your frustration, the way you expressed this is kinda insulting to me and makes me feel bad--given the kind of effort I've put to see if I can work with everyone here to find a solution. The fact is that this isn't something that someone that is computer or net savvy is going to figure out on their own. Each user has a different environmental factor they operate the game from. Sometimes there are not one-size-fits-all solutions for technical issues. I do however believe that this isn't something that is sever or Internet related. This comes down to programming and how that may or may not conflict with each environment the game is running on. I certainly do not know everything about how this game is programmed and nobody outside the development team of this game should. Anyway, anything I posted was worth a try and it seems at least some people got a fix from it. :-/
  4. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    I thought that too at first but I think it's highly doubtful. It's an issue with a local setting in IE as well as possible additional security settings. The servers and one's relative location to them has no baring on if you can access the Market or not.
  5. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    Did you restart your pc? In particular for Enchanced Protected Mode, you must restart your pc for the setting change to take effect, I believe even if you are disabling it.
  6. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    I am happy to see that this is worked for some! I am sad that it still plagues others. As requested earlier by someone, here are a few snips of my settings in Internet Options. I can't imagine there's something different in the settings from IE11.0.24 and the effective version for Windows 8.1 but if there's something different, you'll spot it here. Another thought that came up: I magine the Market possibly uses some flash-based elements so please ensure your Flash is updated to the latest version as well. If you don't have Flash, install it to see if this helps as well. Please keep this thread updated so we can find a solution together!
  7. For that to happen, everyone would need to put their money where their mouth is so NC would see enough zeroes to make it worth it. Even then, it's not all that likely. Only big MMO that bothers to do that is WoW, from what I know--I could be wrong.
  8. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    I will provide some screenshots on what those default settings look like when I have a moment. Another thought is to possibly disable any extra security addons that may be installed on IE. I don't really think this is it but sometimes random things stop something from working correctly. Additionally, from what I can see, the client runs in Administrator mode already but you can try ensuring this setting in it's properties to see if that makes a difference. Final thought: Ensure that Temporary Internet Files can be stored. I noticed a css file for Blade and Soul where Temporary Internet Files are stored. You can do that by going to: 1. Internet Options 2. Click on "Settings..." under Browsing history. 3. Ensure the "Automatically" radio box is checked and the default disk space usage is 250MB Could be a long shot but hey, may work for you guys. Let me know if it does! :3
  9. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    Sweet! Glad it's working for a few more people, aside from NEMESIS. :)
  10. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    The only thing I can think of is there there's a requirement of a setting that allows it to work correctly. It could be something as dumb as cookies being enabled or not. Only other thing I would do in your shoes is see if IE is updated with the latest patches and try again. Unfortunately, I don't have an 8.1 machine to test this on. :-/
  11. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    Awesome, I'm glad! Like my post so people can find that solution easier! ^^
  12. Marketplace temporarily unavailable

    I have a possible fix for everyone. I don't promise this will work but this did work for me after trying various things--including what NCSoft suggested. 1. Launch Internet Explorer (You may also just do a search for the Internet Options program in your search bar.) 2. Click on the gear on to top right corner > "Internet Options" 3. Click on the "Advanced" tab on the top right of the window 4. Click on "Restore advanced settings" 5. Click on "Reset..." below the previous button 6. Click "Apply" 7. Restart your computer Edit: Please also ensure that Internet Explorer is fully updated and try disabling any Anti-Virus or security related addons that may be installed on IE. This worked for me on IE version 11.0.24 for Windows 7. This may or may not work for newer versions of Windows but do give it a try! NC, hire me if this fixes people's issue with the market. :)
  13. [Read First] Closed Beta FAQ

    Third? Awesome the forums are up. Woot woot.