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  1. blame the long queues at high ranking, ded gaem.
  2. i have never dced anywhere else in this game except 6v6, i dont even dc in raids and back in the day i didnt dc during akbuls with 50+ people. so lul
  3. You obviously cannot do the latter so its better to do the former
  4. You obviously cannot do the latter so its better to do the former.
  5. You obviously cannot do the latter so its better to do the former. /everyday until you like it/
  6. if you cant upgrade to raven, you probably wont be able to upgrade to emperor lol. and emperor stage 6 is way stronger than raven stage 6 even in pve. cant wait to see another complaint exactly like this when it comes.
  7. Took me 270 to get mine, good luck~
  8. There is a BM called Nyuum on EU. check out his gear. 2000+ naksun runs and doesn't even have premium.
  9. Most of you may know this by now but for those who dont, since it is obvious that ncwest is following the casual path and giving the middle finger to those who invest more time and such into the game, blade and soul JP/(TW?) got a cheaper system of upgrading your weapon to the best path. welkin stage 6 straight into Chokma stage 6(raid weapon,. those who are patient enough are advised to hold on to their gear and mats till we get that update which we obviously will.
  10. thanks, average 750ap. will be uploading a vid later. i was on gardening duty.
  11. lol if you think bns battleground is bad, gw2s unbalance is just as bad. bless the *cricket* scrappers.
  12. game is too graphically intense for that, plus the engine cant handle it. dc, lag, low fps. fun. i go for my WvW fix on guild wars 2.
  13. just 150? took me 200 to get mine. my guildies are around 350 without seeing theirs yet.
  14. Never touched trashrena, never will. i still laugh at those who claimed this was a pvp game back at launch.
  15. you can, either they vote kicked you when you dced or you were out for way too long and the system removed you from the party.
  16. dunno if we are on the same server, there are more places and dungeons for people to be in, eg tower and labyrinth. misty woods factions were still doing dragon till 4am this morning lower channels in misty is cuz people are still farming dungeons and the ceruleans have been working alot during the day so the few crimsons that even go there head out.
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