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  1. No matter what area or spawn after death, There needs to be a length of time where you cant be attacked. NA PLAYERS ARE ********* on taking advantage of spawn camping to kill people. This is just going to make people leave there Faction stuff off and never come back to it.
  2. So i was trying to make a username in Alpha Friday afternoon and I couldnt use it cause of the Name God in it. Funny thing is I can use the screen name here tho :(. I know this is a big problem for everyone, but it is weird that any name with God spelled in them cant be used. I emailed Support and got this back "Thank you for contacting the Blade & Soul Support Team. Unfortunately, the name is probably blocked by a restriction list ("God" is usually a restricted name in games). In this phase of the game, there's nothing we can do about that. You may want to post your issue/suggestion on our Forums to see if this is something that might be changed in the future." This is the first game I have played where it is banned out. I agree with racist, slurs and sexual names all be gone, but why God??? Maybe this will shred some light on it and get it lifted
  3. Use of Names with God in them

    Bumping this for more people see it
  4. Thanks you ncsoft!

    Thank you for bringing this game to NA. I am in love with the Ping