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  1. I think banning for simple macros is dumb in the first place. If you want to try and set up a macro for something like 3rf, go for it. I promise the person using a macro for combos will not have an advantage over the guy who put in the work to learn it and can adapt. Anybody who says it's an advantage doesn't understand how beneficial doing it manually can be. The only thing you could argue is SS backstep macros. But, lets get real, is this really big enough of an issue it requires permabans? I don't care either way I guess. It's just dumb to ban people looking to save their hands from carpal tunnel, I promise they dont have an edge over me in arena because they macro lol.
  2. Fix the queue times.

    I'm guessing this is a bug of some sort. Just got another queue where more premium than non-premium waiting again.
  3. Fix the queue times.

    Damn, whats the deal.. No queue 30 mins ago on Mushin. Now I have a 1000 person premium queue..
  4. What's the most popular class?

    Destroyer is least popular class, always has been. I don't understand why people think there are a lot. Maybe because the axe stands out.
  5. I'm trippin on the fact that I can be so into a game that has this whole other demographic I don't associate with. It just sort of hit me now that there's this whole aspect of anime, hair style covering one eye (so mysterious), purple colors yay, lyn cat pet (omg a calico.. super cute), new doboks like omg, char creator where you can make justin bieber lookalike. Stuff like this is about as interesting as a new hair in my buttcrack. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating, just teasin about the justin bieber stuff btw. I want people to enjoy the game however they see fit. I just never would of guessed that the MMO that finally gives me this deep, competitive arena experience also has this whole other aspect that I am completely disconnected from.
  6. Beta so far? Lackluster PvP...

    It's cool to see the community evolve just in these few beta weekends. The OP would of wrongly got a lot of support if this post was made the Sunday of the first beta. People are getting it. To new players it might look like fanboism but it really is true you need to put in some games before it starts to make any sense. It seems broken and impossible up until you find out its not and its fukcin amazing when the light bulb goes off.
  7. Beta so far? Lackluster PvP...

    These sort of complaints remind me of the scenario where the kid who knows nothing about how the world works decides to go against the world and blame the world for all his misfortunes. And everyone who's older and wiser tells him he's got it wrong but in the end they just have to endure it and let it run its course. To anyone feeling like the OP, just hang in there and get over the hump. You will be rewarded with the best arena experience of any MMO to date.
  8. Beta so far? Lackluster PvP...

    1. The level differences that occur when matchmaking is a non issue. More specifically, its a beta issue. I find it odd so many people complain about this when the reality is getting to max level is a 24 hour /played ordeal. Some time after release this will be a distant nuisance that you will be grateful the devs didnt waste manpower trying to fix. 2. You can rotate camera with middle mouse. 3. Claims of imbalance are blown out of proportion. To someone who's new to arena, classes like destroyer and summoner are going to seem impossible. I'd imagine these classes are major gatekeepers in the 1500-1600 range. As you improve, learn their mechanics, and start to rank up you start to see that there is a lot you can do to counter this and there will be a Ahha! moment when you realize most of your loses were due to mistakes or incorrect builds. Here's another thing to ponder. And these #s will be slightly off but pretty damn close. Here's a representation of classes in NA at Platinum rank (1900+) in 1v1 FM: 3 maybe 4 (But Jaesung said...) Des: 2 maybe 3 BM: 1 maybe 2 LBM: atleast 4 Sum: 3 maybe 4 KFM: 2 maybe 3 Sin: 2 maybe 3 Moral of the story is once you learn how to play the game, the playing field evens out.
  9. Arena issues

    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but do you truly not understand the appeal? I feel like you must since you are coherent human being and maybe you just trapped yourself into some extreme point of view. To me, there's more value in the progression of game knowledge, skill, and competitiveness than there is in some arbitrary stat progression. In the end I like both and the game offers both. So, whats the problem here?
  10. Animation cancelling

    Sorry OP but you need to do some reseach. Animation cancelling has been a part of competitive fighting games since forever. BnS has designed their game BASED on the fact that certain classes anicancel. It's literally a core mechanic. If destroyer or KFM couldnt animation cancel they'd be completly broken and need a full revamp. As for macro claims, I wouldnt worry to much about it. You'd be surprised how perfect people can anicancel without the use of macros. It's just a timing thing. In the end, the guy who uses macros isnt going to have an advantage over the guy who mastered the timing. Hell, I'd argue the guy doing it manual will have the edge in the long run by being able to adjust due to lag and what not. Do yourself a favor and get the macro thing out of your head or it will just be one more thing in the pile of excuses as to why you lost.
  11. Need some filters on player pictures

    What’s so inappropriate about some boobs? Why does everyone continue to support this bizarre sexual repressive culture? Let me guess, anime of boobs will be forbidden but anime of violence, death, malicious, horrible acts etc will be just fine and illicit no response in a majority of players. Don’t you guys just want to hack all the hypercriticism out of your own brains? It's not ok to be upset with boobs. You're playing a video games where blood goes flying, you don't have the right to be upset about any profile pictures. You are already on the dark side, you just don't know it.
  12. what up with Alienware?

    My liquid nitrogen cooled Alienware has advanced hyper threading technology which equates to a steady, no fps drop, BnS experience. The case also looks like an Alien, its so cool. edit: by Alien I meant one from outer space, just to be clear.
  13. Random FPS drops on high end rigs?

    Same rig, same issue. Hopefully they can fix it up.
  14. This post is longer than I wanted but please read. I hope it shows you what seems like a huge gap in experience isn't all that much. It actually kind of bums me out how quickly people will throw in the towel. If alpha was your first experience with BnS and you tried a few games of 1v1 and think you understand what your limits are, you are jumping way ahead of yourself. It's not hopeless people, I promise. Let me give you a perspective: I got a char to 50 and have about 100 matches played on Japan servers (Where I get dumped on btw, damn warlocks). Some people will play 100 matches in one day. Anyways, that tiny bit of experience allowed me to go 25-5 and get Gold in alpha before I had to get back to studying. My point is not to brag because trust me I'm NOT good haha.The point is just queue up, it'll seem like your light years away from someone who's been playing on other regions but you're not. A vast majority of NA/EU ppl just leveled a char or 2 on other regions and have played a handful of 1v1 matches so you're not far behind. There's some who clearly have been playing in other regions for a long time and they might have an edge for awhile. But I think there's only a handful that have tortured themselves on other regions for thousands of games with high ping. If you want the real truth, there's gunna be kids that come in that have never played before that were born to play games and they will probly wipe the floor with even the "experienced" players sometime after release.
  15. Text-Colour removed?

    The people that changed the color of every post they made might actually have posts that get read now. :P