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  1. Gold Spammers Everywhere

    Umm, while it would be good if currency exchange is activated i'm a bit worried about the initial Ncoin to Gold ratio. Since the game is just beginning, gold is worth a lot and it sorta devalues NCoin/dollar. I think it would be good to wait until gold value is a bit more stable so ratio is able to compete with gold sellers and is an acceptable one for people who buy NCoin to switch for gold. Although if there is no alternative to stop RMT then I would also support the currency exchange.
  2. Still waiting server transfer

    Wow, now I don't feel so bad because I've been waiting for 2 days. We can only wait though :(.
  3. Clan recruitment forums when?

    This would be appreciated during CBT or before launch.
  4. Game not launching

    I had this issue, I fixed it by disabling Norton and reinstalling blade & soul. Before you reinstall, copy your NCSOFT folder to another directory so you don't have to download again. After reinstall is complete, copy your NCSOFT folder back to the intended directory and run the game. I think it might have been a registry issue but not sure.
  5. Deily dash skip rewards.

    Yes, you are supposed to get the one, Nico posted it on Alpha 1 Recap thread on News & Announcements.
  6. I don't know if this is intentional but this two Sin skills have the same name.
  7. [Issue] Item Shop not fair.

    I agree with Malvolio.
  8. Dark Sandstorm and Wardrobe

    I have the same problem with the Winter Outfit.