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  1. The crafting menu also shows different names on things. Lake Mud = Sandy Clay Earthen Clay = Grey Clay Tempered Clay = Snow White Clay Yulan Magnolia Log = Paulownia Yulan Magnolia Sap = Paulownia Sap
  2. As the title says, I bought 2 Gem Hammers from the Hongmoon store and never received them, they show in my purchase history though. I then bought an expansion ticket which I received and used. Then bought 2 more Gem Hammers and never received those either :(.
  3. Hey~ Just wondering how the transition onto the CBT will work in regards to Founders packs. If we received our Founders items during the Alpha, I assume that means that we will not be getting them again at all for the beta? Which means if we start characters on the EU CBT that our founders items and NCoin will already have been used right?
  4. Missing emotes

    It seems some of the emotes on the ingame emotes menu (F12 menu) don't exist and when you press them a message just appears in chat. Also one of the emotes for the emote usage achievement doesn't exist either.
  5. Alpha/Beta and Founders

    Yeah, I asked Jonathan on Twitter and he said that the Test NCoin is account based. https://twitter.com/Babbletr0n/status/653292090982449152 So basically, we will get the founders stuff on both sides for the beta but not the NCoin. That works.
  6. Dark Sandstorm and Wardrobe

    To add to this post, you also can't put the two Masters pack costumes in the Wardrobe.
  7. Thanks you ncsoft!

    Definitely looking forward to the EU servers. Getting decent ping from the UK to the NA servers as it is, can't wait to see the EU servers working.