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  1. Race change voucher

    Warlock's not available for Gons. Only Jins and Lyns can be warlocks.
  2. Uh..what cash shop? You mean Hongmoon Store? Then you can't cause apparently, you can't register your other character's name as a recipient. (Ex. Negative.
  3. Nope, have to pay the sending fee.
  4. Head on over to post office and mail it to your own address. (Just mail the gold to your characters.)
  5. Make wardrobe free :/

    The outfits reminds in the wardrobe even when your premium expires. You can take them out, you just can't put them back in.
  6. Legendary Axe skin?

    This was during beta where the Big 4 dungeons have a chance to drop a legendary weapon skin. It dropped a good variety of weapon skins. They removed it before the game launched. This is what the "Seraph Axe" looked like.
  7. Improve Vote-to-Kick option

    Lol wtf. Vote to kick was a thing in the beta, don't see why they removed it.
  8. Selling on Marketplace

    You sell items from the storage NPC. Just simply open up the marketplace from the NPC and the sell option should be available.
  9. Wheel Of Fate Pain In The Butt

    I got 3 Lycandi outfits from 5 rolls. lol
  10. Show off your characters!!

    There ain't no going back.
  11. I grinded a lot for that outfit. (:
  12. Field Boss reset

    So in the end game field bosses, there is people(aka trolls) that reset the boss by grabbing them and carrying them out of the area, making it so the boss resets the hp and people have to start all over. I understand you can change channels, but I prefer to kill a field boss with many other people to get it done faster. Also, the same thing with the items required to activate the boss. So my request is to let the boss go back to their original position, but not reset the hp.
  13. Suggestion: Idle stances

    You can actually put the idle stance back, it's just that other players without the file can't see it.