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  1. I'll draw your character! (Until CBT hits)

    'Tis me! I'm still wandering around in Eorzea as my commoner self! *hugs* It's great seeing another familiar face in here!
  2. I'll draw your character! (Until CBT hits)

    Ooooh, your style is very lovely and unique!
  3. Bannable IGN's

    If you come across bad names in-game, please submit a report to Customer Service and place them on your Ignore list. Since this thread has taken a not so pleasant turn, it will now be closed.
  4. Emotes????

    To walk press / on the Num Pad and auto-run is Num Lock while standing still in case you were curious. :)
  5. We would love to hear all of your feedback in regards to how to improve our Controller feature as it is still in development! Please continue with the constructive feedback and provide as many details that you can think of on how you would like it to work.
  6. Founder Pack Upgrades

    We are currently working on a Founder's Pack upgrade feature. No need to return the pack you bought so hang tight while this feature gets finalized! ^_^
  7. Greetings Testers, At 3pm PDT today, Blade & Soul will undergo maintenance for 15 minutes in order to raise our server capacity. This will allow for more players to enter the game without a log-in queue and at the same time we will be able to test out how the server and network infrastructure will handle this new player capacity. Before the maintenance begins, please finish any dungeon progress you may have started as instances will be reset when the maintenance has completed.
  8. Maintenance is complete and servers are now live. See you in game!
  9. Thanks for the constructive feedback regarding the Premium Membership star icon! We have submitted your feedback with the development team and we will be discussing any possible solutions. We will be sure to keep you in the loop if we receive any new information.
  10. First topic - Alpha thoughts!

    Welcome everyone! We're so happy to see you in-game with us and posting on the forums to help us make Blade & Soul the best it can be. ^_^