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  1. There is a certificate for a map, it required 3 maps put together to get 1 map, Old Brigand Map. I don't think this is it. Do you know where I could find a quest to open this portal?
  2. Hello There is this blue quest on a map, it's on zone Moonwater Plains > Misty Woods > Thornwind Vale. The quest doesn't have a name as it needed to be activated first. Does anyone know how to get to this location, Thornwind Vale?
  3. toon name is Lil Duv
  4. Not really a good setup to search for a clan in-gam. For social clan, I don't want to click join that has 2 people in it and people just want to socialize but don't want to play as there's no information to read as what this clan expects and what they are all about. For competitive clan, there's no option to join and no option for search for clan's name. I'm basically looking for a clan that's laid back and does raids regularly, and has good amount of active players. About me: level 60, hongmoon level 15 so far, completed main story, working on side stories now.
  5. Hi yall so I'm stuck with this quest, i wish i could insert the screenshot but it wants image from url i don't have url. I follow the foot prints, it doesn't work. I could walk on walls but would fall down right at the balcony that leads to the jail or dungeon because there's an arch. Could someone help or direct me to a video for this quest? I searched and I don't see any answer or videos. Edit... I figured it out, it wasn't as complicated as I thought. After climbing on top of the last cage then I just have to glide toward the gold arrow and kil
  6. Hi, Could someone help? There is this boss at zone The Cinderlands, the Scorching Sands at Crescent Spring post. It's a statue boss guarded by 6 statues of dogs or lions, how do you get the statue boss to come to life? I've seen people channeled 2 short pillars for it to come to life, but these pillars won't highlight for me for me to channel, it's not green. I even tried killing all dogs to see if it's work but it doesn't, I go closer to the boss statue and it doesn't work. He won't move. What am I doing wrong or not doing
  7. posted this in PVE quest and this was moved to this category. anyway, i found it. Go to Moonwater Plains > Misty Woods > The Skygate (top screen on map) and take portal
  8. Hi, doing this quest... Chapter 34 A Call To Arms, says to "Talk to Snapjaw Sage Ashjaw at the soul Ward in the Zaiwei Ruins". He's insde Altar of Divine Will but it won't let me in and I don't have a save point there yet. I tried getting in from Sweetblossom Pavilion, is there another way to get in? Please help 😞
  9. thank you for replying. I figured it out. My outfits are in the showroom, I didn't realize I have to move it to inventory first, closed the showroom screen and then equip the outfit.
  10. Hi, I'm new here. I don't know if it's a bug since the new update yesterday. I'm on this quest now that requires me to change into my faction outfit crimson and it won't let me switch to any faction outfits, it's greyed out. It'll let me switch to other outfits though. I tried moving to different map, doesn't work. I tried removing everything on my character except the current outfit i'm currently wearing and it doesn't work. I wanted to try unequip the current outfit first and I used to be able to do it in inventory, but since the update it's not showing the outfit that
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