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  1. lets hope they fix the class nerf and nerf wl a bit they are so broken is not even a joke . thanks for listening to us hopefully this game can come back to life how it was in the old days. it has so much potential to be such a amazing game.
  2. I agreed, this patch literally screw NA population not to mention they nerf classes like Summoner,BladeMaster,ForceMaster and didn't even give them some sort of buff while in KR summoner wind spec (Swarm) got buff they needed and the focus issue they had fix, yet all this patch note did was screw our only dps option. Archer literally didn't even get the buff they supposed to get either. Like a lot of stuff implemented was pretty terrible. not to mention dps requierment is much worse than poharan. this game has A LOT of POTENTION to be one of the top games, but man you guys in NC soft need to s
  3. I feel like wind spec summoner has been dead since awk patch note, I honestly think this spec deserve some love. The main issue with wind spec is the High Focus cost on Rotation rmb AKA rumbleBee cost 3 focus and thorn strike 2. those 2 abilities are spammable. So imagen you spamming those 2 abilities while fighting boss even with the regen on focus is not enough to keep up with the cost. they need to give it a buff and a quality of life change. I feel the right direction is to lower the Focus cost of rmb to 1 and make it instant cast like before. Thorn strike need to be
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