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  1. im full tc gear i have alot of elysian orb etc etc. Im free to play and i was getting bored coz no new items come... im new player and i have alot of friends in game. and now im thankful my day is busy now to farm new acc in AD. We farm 31 stage up to 41or more stage to get new acc and now yea i get those 3 new gear with my friends. We hunt 8 hours per day. If u guys keep complain about why dont you work hard to get those and be friendly some random players in f8 are toixc. And stop complain because they are boss u just play there games..and i like bns if u dont like bns we dont stop u . Coz
  2. Without donators the game will automatic closed. Its the part of game. Even in other games people still use real money to provide for there characters. If u guys want free to play go play roblox my goodness
  3. Kindly fix this 17 hours cooldown of charm i just die in new dungeon and use it and now i need to wait for 17hours to use again
  4. My revival charm is 17 hours and yet i just die in new dungeon. Fix this
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