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  1. Aite, I admit that I disrespected the dmg on the skill, bcz its broken as u said, but the problem is still the skill depends on the boss and not every boss cast a blockable attack in the right time / or during mech to counter it, bcz its basically all about that, if the boss doesn't cast such attack u won't be able to use it
  2. I love this toxicity, but let's see where will be you and then me kekw
  3. I will try this out, I can already bet on the result.
  4. I hoped for comments from those who at least play the game not just surfing on forums xd
  5. And this is why madness wardens will not be taken to the dungeon, because U need dps, its not my fault, its a community requirement xd
  6. So, As the title says, the breaker skill what will be a MUST for the upcoming ancient dungeons is not even exist for madness warden. That's one thing that the "reparation" skill is a kind of one what no one will ever use in combat because it's just useless.. a warden will not use a breakable standard block skill in fight while he/she standing in the ward obviously. But I go further... as the skill description says we need to use the "reparation" skill DURING PRIMAL CALL. During that primal call what finally got fixed, giving us extra range, survivability, and extend the stance duratio
  7. It's rather the object display visibility value what can cause mass fps dropp and it seems to be a bugged settings. Even if its reduced to zero some objects are still remain and those are absolutly harmless to the fps, but regardless those should be removed by the setting value aswell so.
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