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  1. u crazy can u post video how u done in ur archer with gear thorn 1-3 stop scamming u also know it impossible to do in archer @Grimzy
  2. I request every assassin player plz support this page by comment ur help contribute to remove this animal look and enjoy our outfit and make game more enjoyable
  3. also cant even see some upgrade path of other gear as well and ui so buggy cant show fix on display
  4. always black animal look cant even enjoy outfit of assassin should at least make some setting to turn off visual effect for assassin phantom black look why have u provided stupid turn off animation visual effect like soul burn pet effect visual effect etc and the main thing which always spam black outfit on sin never been added to turn off?
  5. how the xxxxx u call soul arena vs archer over 40time i try failed cant even let me do any damage on it spamming cc closer and far example archer combos go far then sk or soul arena boss spam cc on us and throw 6 blade and reduce over 80% hp other class can easily do soul arena only this xxxxx archer has not much longer iframe to hold any dps or burst and these combos go far instant cc on us ' xxxxxxx fix this crap archer or nerf the soul arena far attack cc or blade damage xxxx unplayable archer at soul arena event
  6. yah ass ue4 annoying crash and sharpness i miss ue3 glass and oil skin texture and more contrast ray lights pass and hair physics setting i also not playing blade and soul anymore in ue4 just only talk and quite sick of f8 hardness i TELL u truth wt u have 14 character and cant do quest more then 2 character st now take 15-20min common kidding me 30sec boss now take 10min to kill just wow how we suppose to do daily on alts xxxx always scammed ue4 to get more hp on boss and waste people time so they cant work on office and play with thei
  7. ass graphic i keep getting crash each 15-30min at windrest also my graphic black sharpness from character hair and grass i want to ask what is that
  8. better then dont have any anit software otherwise we get interface and get low ping and more freeze and most of community over 80% use their alts while running their main char and increase the crowds of game and make it more fun exciting i also agree some people dislike but the fact once u use it u understand the dance and other emotes using same time make it more enjoyable but over80% player like to have some alts running same time to make her feel less lonely on dugeno or run its not a leech since u can basically run 1 alt and get over 2.7k ap with st some second t
  9. their is trick just delete the $patch folder it download some currpted file
  10. how can u say ue4 when u remove the option of hair blow physic which i like most and lightning effect u say it improve version load faster cause u reduce graphic and increase shaders on map? the only thing i like of ur current work is i getting good ping now i really like that but can u plz provide more graphic also 1 More top question i asking long time can u provide to remove visual effect black animal outfit of phantom stance of assassin 3rd spec cannot able to enjoy our outfit while combos u provide many visual effect disable bu
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