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  1. Is it just me, or did Daily Dash stop working after the UE4 update?
  2. OK, thanks for the explanation. Now I understand the reason for your request.
  3. Can't you just press ESC to skip them? (Not sure myself, but I think that's how it's done.)
  4. I'm also a new player, but I think they do have weekly maintenance on Wednesdays at 4 AM PDT. Need is one thing. Desire is another. Patience is a good skill to cultivate.
  5. I wonder how many people here are cultivating hand and wrist strength and resiliency with (for instance) fingertip pushups or pushups with flat-palmed, side-hand, and back-of-the-hand support, even if those need to be done as knee pushups instead of full pushups.
  6. My sympathies to everyone who uses a gamepad instead of KBM because of physical pain or other circumstances. Hoping the devs have a nice post-launch rest and make gamepad support a top priority for the next patch.
  7. I don't have a gamepad, but I wonder if there's a workaround using the gamepad's own app or control panel to map the buttons so they send the corresponding keystrokes.
  8. Got my dark chi down to 78%. Now I think it's time for a nap.
  9. Thank you, Daliah. And if I may follow up on a tangent which might still be on-topic, recently I have had to navigate the webs of two spiders in my carport (Florida). One has her web across the top of the doorway into the laundry room, and the other comes down from a hole in the carport's ceiling (rain damage) after midnight, and takes her web back up in the morning. The three of us have been accommodating to one another: I am mindful of their webs, and they leave some room for me to come and go. This for me is more pleasing than reaching the top of an artificial pyrami
  10. Happy for you! My chi is perhaps even more cluttered than my house!
  11. I think it's better to speak in generalities or to speak from one's own experience than to address someone directly and tell them they have the wrong idea.
  12. Winning is an empty jar but the lost horizon is closer to me than the autumn in my soul.
  13. What really grinds my grits is not being able to glide to Master Cho on the first attempt. 😉 For background, I'm a new player who started on about Aug 28th (Kung Fu Master, L32 currently) and I am loving so many aspects of the game. Generally I'm a PvE player who plays MMOs as a solo player, but it's great to see other players around. Maybe later the game will guide me toward more PvP and dungeon raids, and then I'll probably move on -- but for now I'm having fun.
  14. These games should be free to design, free to script, free to code. Someone should enslave the artists and musicians and sound designers (and support staff) and make them work for free. FREE FREE FREE! From each according to their abilities . . . To each according to their desires? How unappreciative and demanding some people sound regarding what they are offered for free.
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