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  1. Yeah well to be honest here the gearing still takes ages the time decrease you get here is insignificant compared to like soul etc. i dont think thats the huge problem. If you had a cheat like 24/7 godmode from fm that would be something gamebreaking. Nah for me it was more like i dont wanna farm months if not years to get pvp gear equal to what i would encounter even in silver. Its not fun getting one shot while having to combo for several seconds to kill the enemy. Majority of players that dont wanna go 6v6 are not going 6v6 just cause they would have to farm month
  2. in 1v1 if you are not experienced you will not enjoy it cause starting with bronze there is a high chance of encountering people that even played in Worlds cause they need ranking points to wintrade themselfe. So bad way of learning pvp to be honest. I recommend getting someone that has exp in pvp and let him play a totally new class to him or a class he knows he is really bad with and spar alot with him. This way he wont stomp you to the ground immediatly and he can tell you what you are doing wrong. You can do the same in normal que but like ive written high chan
  3. Thats the case for EU/NA. We dont have anyone to test the updates before patchday but KR is testing them for their own gameversion. Since our patches are specifically made for us thou there is no testing for us at all. Even tho some might let it sound like i am alone with my oppinion here in forum but thats mostly due to the HP increase in dungeons and the addition of normal mode. Since every geared player and their grandma do hardmode or easy mode there is litterly no way to progress after you managed to get the easy mode gear simply cause you wont find groups for Normal m
  4. For GPU its the same thou. 70c is normal and depending on version 82c is normal too. Thoose can also withstand 100c they will throttle thou. The only GPU i can think of for Nvidia thats different is a GTX 480.
  5. I am pretty sure we told you several times such a server already exists why create new ones ? https://discord.gg/FsbCSF2y You find litterly everything in there. Full Guides, Majority of active players............ it has anything a new player needs. https://discord.gg/93P4RXYT This one is for buying raids, finding raid groups etc. Not crowded = less competent teachers no idea how this is a positive thing.
  6. Well of course i listened to others who famed the hm coins as much as i did (no wintrading) we managed 30k - 40k Hmcoins. Thanks to all the limitations NCsoft gives Hm coins nowdays there is litterly nothing usefull to buy and you have to buy either gem powder or etherial vials (thoose are heavily limited). If you are really lucky with prices you might earn 60k gold with that. Now compare how much work you have to put in for thoose 60k gold which by now is also not much gold. I still stay by my oppinion since you are heavily time gated its not possible to earn alot
  7. Ive had enough converstions about this in here and came to the conclusion account bound stuff might be the best stuff. But then they still had to ban people piloting cause no matter what rewards we get it will be sold if its worth it. Looking at F11 and simply human logic is the easiest way but you wont reach 100% of the wintraders only the obvious ones. Look at statistics the company themselfe has if you play multiple times against the same account and do like 0 dmg to the other player its obvious. Look at reports some players openly admit it and get reported due to t
  8. If so then they changed it good to know thx for info.
  9. Ive answered that already but here again "no it wont" also last time i did use the ticket i also had to do the most recent story arc too.
  10. For everyone still unsure about the temps. A CPU nowdays is build for up to 100c good temps are around 70c. You should think about making your PC cooler if you reach 90c while gaming and if you are an enthusiast 80c. I myselfe can reach up to 98c in games that use my system fully but i cant do anything about it i already tryed different solutions. Next time i build a PC ill heavily invest into cooling but my I7 can withstand theese tempratures.
  11. No it wont. Last time i did it you also had to do the last story act too. No you cannot boost already existing charackters.
  12. Gibt es einen vereinbarten Preis, auch wenn nur Mündlich und du wurdest nie auf Zusatzkosten hingewiesen, solltest du mit dem vereinbarten Betrag zum Händler und entweder händigen die dir dein Funktionstüchtiges Iphone aus oder ein Nagelneues. So wie ich das lese wurde bereits mehrfach die chance auf nachbesserung gewährt. Du brauchst auch nicht auf dein Gerät warten in den Laden und die müssen handeln.
  13. I havent played much in the recent days i only knew fm got nerfed to oblivion (3rd spec) but i am happy if assasin can no longer 24/7 stealth while having 3 seconds cd on their stuns. Its my 2nd main class. After Soul fighter its the class i have the most knowledge about. I base it off personal experience and what i feel like the community thinks. And as someone who played 11/14 classes i think i am one of the guys whos oppinion is worth atleast something in such an discussion. And here i have to remind its a discussion based on oppinions. People might say "Warlock is op" and i
  14. Theese people played alot ? or just started and quit after people refused to carry them through everything ? If you want to be caried through raids etc. you have to pay of course. Its an option players offer others who dont wanna farm certain stuff. For example i hated doing raids so i just bought everything from the raids with gold i earned in dungeons/pvp. I dont see anything toxic in this its more helping the community to play how they want. There is always a reason. You need to fulfill the requirements a party leader expects you to have if you dont create your own party. Yo
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