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  1. You do know Dragon Forge 3 is PVP ? Riftwalk 3 is most likely stronger. Its not expensive to get to Shadowforge 3 maybe 400Gold or something and mats but if you run with multiple chars you probably have the mats.
  2. I can understand your frustration but you also have to look at the histroy of this game and most people complaining are most likely veterans in this game. This game began as a heavily pvp based game and it was planed to make it a big E-Sport Game like league of legends or something. We all know it would have never reached that scale but it had the opportunity to be a good E-Sport game. Since they fired the E-Sport team in EU/NA they stoped supporting any kind of pvp. Probably cause pve earns more or its easier to earn money in pve. Since then we saw something worsen the s
  3. Thats the issue here its starting gear. In a competetive gamemode with Season ladders etc. there should be no way to be disadvantaged other than maybe having a worse class. If you have no way obtaining the same stats as people cashing thousands of €€€ than this competetive gamemode is broken. And as ive mentioned we are time gated here so it is pay to win. You litterly cant get the same stats without €€€. And like ive said its different if you are already a player since day one cause theoretically you had the time to get the gear but most players simply had not the time to do so. I
  4. We had this discussion also in Pokemon Unite and i take this as an example cause its easy to understand. There are thoose items which give you plain stats thoose need to be leveled to lvl 30 and for that you need to farm upgrade material. Unite got released on: 21.07 and farming 3 items to max level takes several months of playtime. You could also get thoose items via cash shop to make it faster. Now how is a free to play supposed to aquire an item that needs atlest some months to have the same stats in 1 week ? Simply they cant its physically not possible to play
  5. In what world you do 1-2 Million with c2a gear ? I am doing 9 million only difference is i have bm soul badge, most people with the same class i saw did around 7 Million without the bm soul badge. 1 - 2 Million is Mushin tower gear or even worse depending on class. Thats gear you are supposed to run easy mode with. Aside from your misinformation i am actully suprised how much my interest in this game declined. I was an addicted person before Ue4 i played everyday up to 10 hours but with all thoose changes it rare for me to even play 30 minutes of pve. I log in try to fi
  6. While i have to say yes UE4 improved the situation here alot cause Elder Scale tier is kinda decent its still worlds away from most BG Players. Even with full Elder scale stuff which is now the pleb pvp gear you do like a 10th of dmg what the avg player does in BG while surviving a 3rd. I am definetly not new to pvp but if you get killed in less than 1 second thats to fast. I just googled avg reaction time of a human being is 250ms so 2.5 seconds. Even if we cut that short cause gamers probably react way faster its still a big issue. Ive requested a gear rental service
  7. I always wanted to play Lyn but my main classes Soul fighter, KFM simply cant for some reason. Somehow its not logical to have a lyn with gloves but a sword which is twice the size of a whole lyn and probably weights twice is totally logical. i have to mention this was requested 2016 already they dont want to change it thats fact.
  8. Or which is more likely they simply shut down the servers since their numbers would be red for thoose months. And since you wrote "few months" it means atleast 1 whole quarter. You know thoose lists of income that fly around sometimes ? if thoose are in minus NCsoft wont even ask NCwest they simply close it. Dont get me wrong here this is exactly what i want. This would give us a chance for a new publisher and if we would be getting something like RU we would have a BNS where cheaters get banned, game gets actively supported and patch notes are released before Community has them on
  9. Its also publicly known who thoose are that create the cheats, xml, addons and they do not get any kind of punishment. At this point you have to argue NCsoft is actively supporting cheats so it might be intendet to use cheats at this point. To my knowledge not a single perma ban. You can also argue thoose people know how to play their class since they know what they need for max dps. Again some classes are simply so bad designed you cant play them without xml edits.
  10. Any non permanent ban is litterly like no action at all. I can understand warning people that did their first offence but most if not all of them had several offences in the past. The biggest issue i have with this is the player/scripter/programmer or whatever you wanna call it who creates all the cheats is publicly known and his char names too. This guy should be hardware banned but the worst thing ever happened to him was a perma ban on some trash call to arms free lvl 50 voucher char back with godsword.
  11. Am not talking about Easymode. I am talking about Normal mode. I need the agressor stage stuff this does not drop in easy mode. Most people want like 2.5k for normal mode and if i create my own party it takes ages to get enough people. Thats what LFP is supposed to do. And even if you think its a minority quitting cause they cant lfp anymore just look at the people that quit or wanted to quit cause of the missing controller support. Most if not everyone thought Controller players dont exists but magically a dozen appeared. I am just saying UE3 i could run everythin
  12. I have a call to arms char which by now is way above a normal new player should have. I do up to 9 Million dps so i cant solo easy mode but also i need to do normal mode cause i dont need anything anymore from easy mode. Now i search for people. LFP takes like atleast 10 Minutes per dungeon just to get a group of 3 which might fail cause of missing dps. If i manually search a group most wont take me cause 2100 ap apperantly is not enough for normal modes and creating my own also the same problem as lfp takes way to long. So i need 5 dungeons per day just for d
  13. I dont see a reason to post this topic anymore its been discussed multiple times and @Hime was asked for information alot of times. Sadly @Himeis not interested in supporting the game if its about pvp so it dosent matter what we write. @Himeis getting paid for ignoring us not for helping us ! Sorry but a simple "i dont have information" would be enough but i have to assume she is doing it on purpose. There are 2 kind of players destroying this gamemode: 1. Wintraders and i could list all wintraders with ease. 2. Chaters (in my oppinion less of a problem cause
  14. I read through this thread and you write about farming dungeon while the topic is about botting. I have the scripts i can show you. I dont know how to use them thou cause i would have to rewrite them for my class. Also i know the biggest ban people got for this was 14 days. And people are laughing their ass off on discord about this ban. We know unless you are actully F2P its litterly impossible to get perma banned we`ve seen a certain assasin that wintrades, used Pet Pod Event, uses any kind of XML you can think of ........ he got perma banned once and afte
  15. Global Cooldown dosent show cooldown numbers its an invicible cooldown.
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