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  1. it wouldnt be that big of a problem if arena and 6v6 would have playerbase
  2. Too bad, they back in business baby
  3. Wonder how long will it take them to fix f2 pictures
  4. EU Jinsoyun moment again. Its always down and worse than na. Always
  5. @Boop To all you conehead's getting AUTHENTICATION ERROR / ERROR 100 (appliest to 99.5% of coneheads doing this) when starting game: Start game normally, wait for splash screen to go away, wait some more (don't press START again), boom. Fixed. The game doesn't crash after splash screen when nclauncher comes forward it's just some weird stuff NCWest did for some reason but if you are to launch 2nd client it will terminate connection with the previous process you were trying to launch game with
  6. It did come up on Pilao from kr players(fellow modders) but whatever u want to believe. Also theres the kr patchnotes from it if u really doesnt believe. https://prnt.sc/1rl5scw
  7. PVP legit unbalanced. +1 on that. PVE is playable, its just not the optimal if we talk about how to maximise dps of classes. Yes xmledit helps, but its not like we lose that option. We lose gcd as far as we know atm. The gear diff is huge yes. CTA event is literal garbage in terms of items it gives. KR gives those items in story :)) for new players theres no real content to do sicne noone rly accepts them into higher dungeons, or its extremely hard to farm scales or whatever the hell u want to be competent. or like as a new player seeing that u need like 300 runs for the acc if you dont
  8. ngl KR had decent performance untill they added back the same local.dat that they had in ue3 and it started to have fps issues again.
  9. Right, ru stream showed dungeon changes and talked about way more info than eu. oh also they didnt showcase p2w stuff for 1 hour but actually read chat and answered stuff. Keep whiteknighting eu streams where they wont even bother to change the thumbnail from bd 3rd spec
  11. You literally did a stream about the biggest update in bns history, and yet u decided to showcase outfits and TROVE for 2 hours. GG GO NEXT
  12. So everyone knows by now the infamous "jump xml", namely the leftover battleroyal skills, leap and sprint, 66101/66100. Since they are fixed and all, can i ask the devs how the hell can they make them get the same 20 second cooldown as the the new "toxin" debuff that goes on the boss from the new raids mystic badges? How can you put a gcd to a 3 year old unused skill with a brand new raid? Im just genuenly curious how the devs decide to group stuff since its seems completly random. Then we wonder why is broken so many times.
  13. This makes no sense from a game management point at all but sure, kr merchant prices are different for the most part aswell, making it eu specific
  14. Trove wasnt working? Intant maintenance. Bamboo outfit shop was broken, whole economy dying? Announce it in public and wait till next wednesday to fix it. Interestingly both of them are just a "shop" and i reckon that changing a price in a shop is jsut editing 3 lines in the server takes less effort then fixing trove. But yeah trove brings money, outfit shop exploit didnt, at least for you :))
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