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  1. Maybe they just want a quick cash grab before closing their servers. Im not surprised anymore. They used to care for their f2p players, but now it's just a greedy company that does minimum effort -> maximum profit.
  2. @Askaria @Cupidstar NCwest/NCSOFT = Gameforge for Soulworker. Gameforge only cared about updating their cash shop and not fix errors ingame or give stuff f2p players could benefit from. Holy moly it just made me realize how they became a wulf in sheep clothing trying to get your money. No backbone and eventually, like Gameforge did after 5 yrs of Soulworker, NCWEST gets fired by NCSOFT and some sort of reboot comes in: Blade and Soul Reboot published by developers on steam! *popcorn*
  3. Tbh might go back soon to ffxiv, am kinda done with these f2p mmos that just care for your money rather than their own game. Anything that us benefitting the players are being removed like the recent change of the Realm rift supply chain that let u exchange tokens for a 10mil charm plus a 2mil standard one and xp soup. This box dropped from the dungeon by killing mini bosses. I also played sw and again it is just a money grab like this one. Will probably just do some daily challenges and log off as FFXIV has the noctis car event up and ofc next month expansion of endwalker. Reaper looks badass
  4. The events are what makes it very f2p friendly like cta, candy event (these two were prob the best ones). The problem is that these are rare and if you miss out, it is very expensive to gear up. I don't choose sides, but some parts of ncwest are nice to f2p players. The keys in the hongmoon store are very wrong and shouldn't even be there. Ncwest does try, but on short terms bases sadly.
  5. Yes? Wasn't the CTA event obvious for f2p players, or do I need to spell it out for you?
  6. Maybe because some are f2p and play casual? I finished mine for my alt, but could understand other players jumping into the game later on the event.
  7. Im geared so not running into issues, but definitely do think that at this point, they should add Thornbreaker stage 9 to story mode. People that came back are kinda left with exalted weapon and pretty hard to get into parties even for lfp groups or weekly pleb raids. Not sure about the lifespan of bns because it is just not player friendly for new players. Sure there was cta but what about those that couldnt do it? I just think storymode needs to give good gear so players can enjoy. Some random said its not the destination but the journey. Well tbh, the journey seems pretty grim for new playe
  8. @Raiya @Dipndazwhich region do you two play? On topic: bns, like every f2p mmos, are trying to get their money from cash shop and don't necessarily feel the need maintaining their audience on long term bases. See, the big difference with square enix's FFXIV is that they have no p2w elements and listen to their players and feedback as it is important to mainten their subscribers (25 euros for 60 days). Naoki Yoshida answers questions before live letters and has passion for the mmo genre and FFXIV. I think a big flaw of f2p companies is that they disconnect themselves with its playe
  9. @Corwhales would still go 6vs6 normal mode and fight other whales. The people that just like the idea of an 6vs6 equalized mode are the more casual players that would like to experience fun into 6v6 without getting one shotted by an overpowered pvp player. I understand that players want to kill "fresh meat" for their gear, but inviting more players into an equalized gear mode for 6vs6 would get us more variety of pvp players in battleground. @Kicsiduda The battle royal mode was something else than the normal 6vs6 battleground and played different as players needed to pick up items
  10. I haven't done 6vs6 in a long time and probably never will based on my experience with this very toxic community (atleast in EU, not sure about NA). I would like to suggest an 6vs6 battleground with equalized gear and great pvp rewards. Players could jump right into it without having to worry about gear or hm lvl. The whales can still kill low geared players effortlessly in the normal 6vs6 mode. Maybe the devs could think about this for in the future? @Hime
  11. Personally they need to have the same system as ffxiv and give more options on obtaining gear. For example in ffxiv you can take a break for months, and jump back right in on participating into 99% of the content as within two ish days you can be gear ready (not p2w items btw, sub based game). In terms of content, let people be lvlsynced to do x dungeon and add rewards that are beneficial to not only the geared player, but also the lower geared player. Remove the gold bidding system, change it to rng roll between 1-100 so even the lower geared players have a chance to get x item.
  12. Mmm I think FFXIV did it right. Raid weapon is only 10 ilvls higher than the weekly/casual gear. You don't have to "upgrade" your gear, just getting max stats. Weekly 24 man raids give u gear just below raid gear, weekly cap on casual content can get you there and hunting (casual sure) is nice. I think some sort of similiar system would be great but sadly this is a p2w game and fashion is not their main revenue. I wished more mmos would go subscription based so you would have a great publisher like Square Enix, one that actually listens to its playerbase and puts effort into maintaining its su
  13. The big aoe as in the one where you have to cc her? It does kill me instantly if I don't cc her.
  14. I don't get why people don't want to spend any money on a game they enjoy. "Im f2p cos its cool" or "f2p cos im poor" this is so bs lol, you don't HAVE to spend thousands, just 10 bucks for a month premium.
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