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  1. Classes will be race locked, if you decide to do the class change you will be "forced" to change your race too, to the one that has that class available. In terms of monetization well...................... tbh we don't now, the only thing is that we guessed is that they probably took inspiration from Final Fantasy and also BNS2 (yeah the mobile game that will be launched has the "equip the weapon and you become that class" promo there so) My guess is either A) Its going to be a service for NCOIN, maybe at the beginning they will let you do it for free and then cha
  2. Now that I'm seeing a lot of revamps (NS, SSP, damn even the orbs from HM and CS) why not revamp that PVE place?????? Updating the rewards to be the counter part of SSP, meaning that there we can buy with peaches sacred/elysian orbs boxes (like ssp soulstones/moonstones ones) and also maybe include Evolved Stones. If you are worried about the oils then idk put a weekly limit of 20 per week, the amount needed for 2 oils (not that it really affects that much because we still need the demonic stones from HM and CS)
  3. I wish pvp was the only problem, the game wouldnt be in the state it is currenlty if this was the case.
  4. open you inventory, in the bottom there is an icon that says Dragon Express There i think its right on the first tab if you scroll down you can find essence boxes for 1g, with those you can transmute any soul badge to another
  5. Pretty much the tittle, either for achievement points or clear the dungeon like the one from Hollows Heart
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