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  1. @ImoutoMasterAh yes, the minimum requirements argument. Mathematically correct, practically and embarrassingly unrealistic. You and I both know that 4 million dps is not a realistic goal for a new player to reach in 2 weeks, nor is it enough to get you into groups. You're not kidding anyone. It takes weeks to even get the basics of the game down and learn both mechanics of the content that is relevant for you as well as the systems. I parse about 7m now, and having done plenty of dungeons it's a little chunk higher than average for people at my level of gear so I'm doing fine. But it's taken m
  2. The game just needs actual catch-up mechanics overall. We start out so far behind that it literally takes months before you can participate in content that is a tier BEHIND the current one. It's pretty awful.
  3. There's already one coming with the UE4 update. https://www.bladeandsoul.com/en/game/revival/ Class changes -> 3rd paragraph
  4. If people abused the elements, and you're crying about not having been able to participate, are you then not crying about not also getting to abuse it? I'm not following the logic here.
  5. Yes. Look in the transmute tab. It requires the previous piece + 300 coins, half of what it would cost to pick up the new worthy accessories on their own in the Dragon Express.
  6. Considering that that would cost 70 gold, that's a pretty bad deal.
  7. The premier charms, according to the stream, will be worth 5m xp each, and will have the same 2 second CD as the special charms. That makes them completely irrelevant to craft. "Hey guys, you can now turn your 5x 1m into 1x 5m for only the low price of 1g". @HimeWhat's the deal? There's no incentive to do this, all it will accomplish in the iteration shown is trick new players into losing gold.
  8. Big brain move would be to state on which region you play 😛
  9. Shame the europeans can't partake. What's the deal @Hime?
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