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  1. I agree... it's extremly weird game design that there is no gobal chat for a mmorpg that should be standard...
  2. Strange, when I do my dailies in F8 I always find a party in a min or less.
  3. Let's just hope for a fix until next maint. ^^
  4. It's called a gold sink, developers put several of those into their games to prevent to much gold being generated. But yes, bns its market place is really limited, cost a lot and not let you sell unlimited amounts of items, only a few per day. Not a big fan of that, but that seems to be the style the developers of this game choose to go with...
  5. Different methods: - have 13-14 charackters/alts you run dailys with and other things... - being a p2w whale gives you plenty of things to sell, extra gold or save gold in general, thus it stocks up. - selling raids runs to low gear player and abuse them this way, while in other mmorpgs lowbies get helped for free, bns is like... nah - gold seller deals, bot abuse or selling, account buy or selling - multi boxing and abuse of several systems in the game - abusing bugs and hacks of all kind to get an advantage to farm hardmode dungeon quick and dirty, or get high
  6. You are correct that is one of many problems and a flaw in the games design. The less hits a game has to process individually the better, since it takes a toll on resscoures not just online games btw. However, it's a rather small problem compared to others that bns suffers from, as far as I saw it, they ported most code just over to ue4. It was hardley changed, an example for this is when you hover over your items etc, or open a simple item box. You will notice lag and fps drops when you interact with those, which is a indicator of bad coding, and a simple overburden
  7. Search: Regedit Go: Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\FTH Once you in FTH you will see a list, one will say enabled, click on it and change the number (1) to (0) this will disable it. Save settings and restart your system, play blade and soul, if that still does not fix it, then check this video for graphic card optimization settings. Also turn down your ingame shadow setting to at least 2 or 1, and object distance to at least 3.
  8. Sad you not in Eu server, I would have helped you out. I wish you best of luck in the Na server tho. ^^
  9. _ Repair files and update launcher. _ Update your Pc's OS and restart it if not done already _ Check if you got the FTH (fault tolerant heap) problem and fix it. _ Clean your Pc's memory and get rid of trash files etc. (use CClearner for example) - Check if your fps is not locked down to a limit by your graphic card or the game settings
  10. You got UE4 already downloaded and it worked before like for example yesterday I trust? If so the game is NOT under Maintenance, and you should update and repair launcher files. Good luck and hope you get it to work after doing so.
  11. I think the devs should just bring options to the game that really are QoL, and overall more useful and fun for the players. Then people not need 3rd party software and not have to feel bad for doing so, most people I trust are not cheaters. I also took a look at the bns buddy creator, his behaviour and the software, plenty useful things there, and he seems like a good guy. When someone straight up asks for cheats, he always says he will not do it, or not share things like that, so respect. Developers should take note of some of those fixes and QoL features and just make th
  12. As a developer (not bns) I'm disgusted to see that some players think they god in this game. If you cheat you get the boot and I would never want to see you in the Blade and Soul again. Nobody will miss you or your kind, and I am happy the message got through and we get a anti cheat. However Hime and team must update it regulary and act on reports of the player base. Just because someone pays more or less should never allow them to act this way. Whale or not you just like anyone else a player and there rules to respect. Most of you have not even any
  13. Anti cheat system is in development now and will be coming. Let's hope it's not a default bad one, but a custom intelligent one.
  14. Good you guys already reported it, just was about to do it as well. Someone in game told me about that problem, so please Hime take a look into it ^^ Also... I understand peoples anger, but yelling at someone you want to fix your problems will... not result in a quicker progress of the problem solving... quiet the oppsite, and it's disrespectful as well.
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