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  1. So, the age old error code 1000 disconnect, that's been occurring from 2015/2016 has begun again. It started right after the update patch before trove and now random dc's from loading screens, talking to npcs, even boss battles is occurring. So, my question is, what was in that patch that caused an issue with connection that quite frankly should have been solved years ago? And how can it be fixed? There were no issues before the patch, and nothing has changed on my end.
  2. Well, there's no point in me trying to do the soul stone plains dailies when I am the only crimson out there. I'm sure some people love the unbalanced pvp, but it's not my thing.
  3. So, is it just me. . .or are there only blues out there? So this event is geared towards one side getting the dailies and the other just being out of luck if they can't match up?
  4. I don't see how it excludes me from talking about things I do. Auto fishing = materials while sleeping Panda refuge bit in moon water = materials Auto farming in prime wild = materials Running through areas while looking for the highest coin drop from trash mobs and using that to farm coin. While I haven't been playing for 2 years or more, I would expect some one who has, free to play or not, to be vastly above my gear and level. I would also expect them to have figured out a great deal more about the game itself, such as farming locations, how to spec and gear a character, and to
  5. Actually, e. fleet supply chain has a pretty decent coin drop per mob, much higher than the upper tier dungeons per mob. At 50 + copper per random trash mob. A five hundred or so an hour adds up after a while, plus the mini bosses. There are ways to farm coin. I wont disagree that the dungeons are fun and worth while with clan mates and friends, but I find that since I have all day farming gold in an easy manner is quite efficient. Obviously I doubt that anyone would get gear enough to match the top players no matter how much they spend on trove. I obviously acknowledge that you can get
  6. Apparently you didn't read the entire post or comprehend it. I started as f2p, after making my way through the story I decided to go premium. By the time I finished the story I was 60 hm15. If you think you need ten alts to grind materials, well I am pretty sure you're wrong. As for the time, yes, 18-20 hours a day of running and re-running dungeons will get you the scales and gold that you need to up your gear. Did I get loads of soul stones, moon stones, and orbs from trove, of course, probably around 800 - 900, but if you think that's all you need well. . .I'll leave it at that. On
  7. Sudhri

    Hoi portal

    The house of idols entry portal in the actual world is not working. You can walk back and forth through it and not go into the dungeon. Using the dungeon lobby and entering that way seems to be the only current way to go in.
  8. I'll share my limited experience so far. I've been playing for about four weeks, give or take a few days. I started f2p, at level 1, and made it to lvl 60 hm 15 by the time I finished the absolutely horrible story line in four days. My ap was around 1400/1500 at that point. I came across some good players in a clan that helped to show me the ropes and explain a great amount of the systems and how some things worked and now sit at hm 21, nearly 22, with 2300/2400 ap and do an average of 6-8 mil dps (Obviously not enough for end game). I farmed ebon for my first weapon gems, I famed prime for pe
  9. So, I had some thoughts, I'm sure others do too. Feel free to add on, after all a gm said to post such things here. The cores: Draken, Hellion, Imperial, Sovereign, and Sanctum. How about an exchange for later in the game, 4 Draken to 1 Imperial, 4 hellion to 1 Imperial, 4 Imperial to 1 Sovereign, 4 Sovereign to 1 Sanctum. Right now some of them are just building up and taking up space, why not make them slightly useful, since like most things, they are untradeable. The in game npc merchant economy, please, please, please, at least up date it with a high school level of economics. This i
  10. It might just be me, but is anyone else's daily dash not working after the event update?
  11. So, I was taking a look at the clan outfit design functions and came to realize that they are really limited on options. That might be something nice to expand at some point so that unique and interesting outfits can be made by clans. I mean, one could design something that's semi alright, but to be honest it's going to look a bit run of the mill with out raiment options, more hat and face options, and perhaps some other top and bottom options. Obviously it could be put behind some sort of achievement or pay wall if desired by the devs, but events to choose a best design could work as part of
  12. I started about three weeks ago, made my way to hm 21 so far with decent enough gear and still upgrading things. The crimson faction is pretty lively and I've found a helpful clan that has made a world of difference in understanding all the ins and outs of the game. Honestly, I find the game pretty enjoyable in every aspect except for the main story line, which I think is utter. . .yeah. Who ever the story writer was should be fired and someone else should take their place and put in something that doesn't revolve around so much misery and failure. The systems take some getting use to, but
  13. So far the crit meter (and this may be getting fixed with the emergency maintenance) doesn't seem to register half the time. The progress bar seems to stall and sometimes stop completely. On occasion while opening boxes it will error out and say waiting for restock, but uses your keys. Of course I have submitted a ticket, but having gone through nearly 900 + keys thus far and come across 3 three stars which are filled with nothing but cosmetic weapon appearances that show up on two star ratings, I have to say this is pretty poor coding for an event. But, apparently a fix is on the way.
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