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  1. stop crying if u have evidence why not take multiple screenshot on hovering mouse of them this make no sense u are been lazy to help nsoft to ban them i totally oppose this comment make no sense who have that much time to trade win ?
  2. run in 32bit near fishing zone in less then 20min u will crash stop abusing this anymore and support help us please bns help us to bring back armory pearl i understand someone who is reporting against we not ur enemy why u go and hurt other potato pc player? so u are bad player or good person ? so u standing against this forum cause of ur personal banning reason i dont see what are u upto my friend that why u abuse everyone forum? make no sense my friend can i ask how many pc do u have ? and how many lie u speak?
  3. @IMOUTO MASTER ownself u have good pc and got fish armorypearl but dont help other it show u have no respect to potato pc player who lost the event i belief u should understand and help them as well i hereby request to devs to please provide armory Remnant as no exchangeable item but exchange for key for player who lost the event while crashing near fishing event it hard to gather that much armor remnant with the crona issue i can see clearly people view they where working too while fishing yah if they run it 64bit they cannot work for their jobs from home pc at night sys
  4. @TrueHeartz I would like u to ask something with respect to yesterday we all busy with our weeklies and dailies quest how could even look that thing that just pop 1 day ago this is fairly not right we all thinking it remain their since it dragon express item any normal person should think that around many people want it back so plz help us friend to support this
  5. We all Want armory pearl back in dragon express plz understand our feeling and help us to bring it back everyone thoughts same it dragon express so it not get removed from it till the common date is mention september
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