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  1. Ur wording show u only trolling and rude behaviour to other people u only care urself not want to help the new player and the growth of bns Shameless behaviour
  2. @grimor this person always trolling everyone forum page have full evidence I will report u For ur kind info I have 2-3hr video play back of f8 lobby how dead it was no one even playing on f8 cause of thos bad event And their is korean server who is far better in f8 and nerf their f8 bosses alot to make people te safe so they can do job and enjoy game in very less time
  3. And about call to arm I personally agree most event are so bad design that people not want to do event and stay offline Just this current event is live example.of bad outfit event + annoying part only higher dugeno have event token
  4. Outfit designed are 2016 blade and soul and look like some.beggars outfit Forcing people.to do 7daily rempving.daily 3box.into 7 Most sad part forcing people.to do higher dugeno like h0-15min + wc-7-9min intentionally wasting people time via damage reduction boss Why not lower dugeno have event token so low gear player or new.player can't.get event token easily My personal view don't waste time on scam. 80% people left f8 in north server have screenshot proof so much dead while.recuirting I hope they add decent outfi
  5. stop crying. People play for fun multi what ur problem even they put 3-7mil dps and carry their own alts i saw many people doing it it not bad it for fun i deny this forum it .These people doesnt want to help other to get their daily done and crying out so loud u people play for self ego and play solo cause of ur own loots
  6. people deleting sin animation file and can see sin wtf we have no hide ability all of them visible to all requesting to remove god mod on stealing horn no matter how hard we put horn they take all thing away without get any hit et boss 1 people selling badge and reserved it via infinite engrage time requesting to remove glitch
  7. we all want armory pearl i also send ticket next week if they not going to add them them in dragon express again and will ask them for refund my keys
  8. SAME HERE FRIEND i also want to refund my stage 11 -12 key if they wont give us back the armory pearl which mention for november so we all got stuck at 10 for nothing lol this event really scam us by removing it from dragon express make no sense while scared oil still on dragon express lol i request to blade and soul many people will end up in restoring their 11-12 keys and this cost bns huge time would better provide their player a bit more time for armory pearl in dragon express as nonexchangeable to event item only exchangeable to key
  9. we all want armory pearl back i dragon express plz provide us back we all got stuck with keys which we bought their more then 90% player who got stuck blade and soul should not remove armory pearl
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