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  1. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    I think, reading previous posts here that most of the people here think like you without having to use the CAPS trick. So : - yeah, it's a good event for new/returning/pre-patch active players - yeah, NC did great and i want to thank them. Yeah, seeing the downside of certain achievements you have to do, make us think that some slight changes may have improve it but the general feeling is really positive imo. My main concern is really the fishing part because i really think it would have been done in another way : - new characters (hit level 60 in the week previous patch or during event) get a boost +100% on pearls per fish - make fishing attractive by selling pouch containing the remnant pearl and mats (5/day) ; doing this, new & returning players know why fishing is interesting I guess, it's 100k now (not 50K like in previous CtA event) cause they want that pre-patch active players need to fish too. But that purpose hurts new characters. I got a job so yeah, i can leave my home with game running. But I try to do my best to save energy (we all should) so i really don't like to do that (i even turn off screen) and that's why i'm not a bdo fan. Usually, i fish when i'm at home, knowing i won't use my computer for 1-2hr (meal, clean house, garden stuffs...). And, sadly, returning home after a day work, sometimes i discover game crashed and my computer was on for nothing. So yeah, great event for me, really fun even dungeons cause i can try those recent ones and i try to solo most of old dungeons to better learn some mechs. I like CtA cause it makes you do some parts of the game you don't usually do but you don't have to do it 5-6hr a day to open your box in time. Fishing, yeah, you have to.
  2. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    100k pearls on a fresh character, yeah, that's too much. Mostly because the time you gonna need to get them is just enough : - 36hr between stage 4 and 6 where you need 25k pearls for each - 72hr between stage 6 and 10 where you need 50k You may think you gonna play more during week-end ? No ! Stop playing, go fishing !
  3. The new Call to Arms is a bit...

    This gonna change : 2100nc for 2 -6 / 3100nc for 7-12
  4. login rewards reset

    I wonder what else is concern ? Items in shops u can get once a day ?
  5. For me, master Hong fight is cool as it is with a mid gear (you're at least able to burst him to skip the time he hits the ground 3 times but not enough to avoid him jumping 3 times in middle) . Only thing that really bother me, is that it is, as everything in game, ms dependent. High ping, high frustration ! Getting hit by his aoe when visually, you're out of it, taking the bleed of course : yeah, real fun time. I can get why some fights need to be build with ms in mind (mostly fights where you need to be in party), but solo ones should not as that adds an unfair penalty to some players. But i guess, it is, how it is and high ping players have to predict and not just recognize patterns, and act in consequence. Good thing, it is a dungeon : lucky revitilazer !