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  1. if you gift the 2 frozen gift box chest you get from dailies, does that count as 'giften' ? @Hime
  2. lol, they probably forgot that stages 😁 @Hime can you pls check?
  3. same here... one for the alt has cooldown for 4 hour, one of the char got cooldown of 9 hour -___-
  4. I have the same issue, but once i turn on the Vertical Sync (settings > graphics tab > Default Setting > Vertical Sync), the issue is solved, but the down side is that my fps will also be limit to max 60 fps (dunno how or why)
  5. just open stage 7 event box, got the base pet gems, but it cant be fuse/transmute with the existing base hepta pet gem?
  6. I just get an event weapon Golden Oceanic weapon chest, but it seems like it cannot be put in F3, is that by design or dev forgot to make it available on F3? edit: Shark Bait Illusion Weapon seems to be able to put in F3 though
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