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  1. Just letting you know the maintenance status you posted says "Starting on January 13th.."
  2. I think they meant they'll have a bundle of items on the marketplace that's free(costs 0 hongmoon coins). However, I agree that this is far from enough. People are missing hundreds of soulstone as well as gold that was spent legitimately on outfits and pets on f5.
  3. I was incredibly upset when I logged in and the outfit I'd worked so hard for for the past 6 months is suddenly gone. The Ninja Tortoise outfit that my character had on was completed months before you guys made a screw up in the game. Now nearly half of my wardrobe is gone, not to mention all of the gold that I spent during that time is also gone. I had also used over 100 chromatic thread on the outfits that are missing. Considering this screw up of the moontide outfit was not our fault, I think we should get back everything that we had lost.
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