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  1. So do we already forgot about this ? So now trove is coming,new class is comming ,new event and so ,so all the hype about this is to make us forgot about this exploit ,that many many players get clean from this situation? We have new talisman tier , SO NOW @Hime give me a REAL reason why should i spend money on trove or game to UPGRADE to NEW talisman tier ,while many many players got the LAST CURRENT talisman tier ( +pet also) LITERALLY FREE and they end it up to REAL KEEP IT. Give me a real legit reason to spend money on this game anymore ?!?!? Or should i wait a new "exploit EVENT" to do it by my self too ? DO I ?? * i have 9k euro already in 4 years and i stop it since BAMBOO EVENT after i've seen NC$$$$$OFT way to solve this situation . I don't care about pet pods,gold transmute etc, i care for those players that got FREE MAX TIER PET +TALISMAN and they end up to keep it for free,while me and other spend REAL MONEY. What legitimacy does this company have if at such an impact on the game, they practically don't care at all and let everything go by itself with the probability that the players will forget over time. Would you have the decency and courage to answer this question?
  2. players who profit from this inconvenience situation being like :