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  1. i hope gold from pet pods doesn't come cause you're working on fully restore all removed pet pods xD
  2. please make a final solution to wednesday wchich will not make people mass quit the game, because developers and support did nothing instantly and all people around run in nice outfitss i used it just for outfits but gained plently of pet pods in legal way spending a lot of gold, that whay you are now doing is affecting mostly players who didnt gone full exploit abuse, for better profits you could more advertise game in developed countries and reduce cost of 60 lvl character voucher to make alt characters nothing special and time or money demanding instead panic what now with f10 pet pods
  3. days passing and players still dont know if you give back legaly aquired items, do nothing or make things worse
  4. personaly i abused NPC for outfits but i bought most of pets to make pet pods from market and they are also removed i losed a lot of gold i hope they will look into logs if I write ticket and give me back pets and pet pods from f5
  5. please have mercy for people who bought about 20 bugged outfits to fill showroom
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