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  1. @HimeSorry need to clarify some more, I'm not talking about re-gifting counting, I know the gifts only count once. I mean if the gifts are sent back to the first gifter does it nullify the original gifted gifts from counting? Like for example if I send someone 5 gifts, and that makes my total 5 gifted gifts, then they send those 5 gifts back to me do I go back to 0 gifted gifts because they sent them back to me? Or does it stay at 5?
  2. @Hime Any confirmation on this? Would be nice to know for certain.
  3. Would you be so kind to clarify the 5. a bit more? So if I gift the boxes to someone and they send the boxes back to me, does it still count towards my gifted score at least even though they sent the boxes back to me?
  4. @Ayanaye I can't reseal the PvP bracelet when i mouse over the icon it's grayed out, I tried it a PvE bracelet and it works, but not on the PvP one
  5. I tried sending over the moonrise bracelet but it's unable to be sent via sealing fragments while the gloves and other accessories can be sent, is this bugged?
  6. Keep getting the same copy pasta answer over and over again Senior GM Drayg 8 hours ago Hello, We understand where you're coming from. However, as mentioned earlier, all the necessary items/currency has been restored already to all accounts affected by the development team in the recent maintenance. the fact is I haven't got even a single gold back from the transmutes I did.
  7. @Hime What about the people who sold the exploited items and made billions of gold from it, you're not even touching those, meanwhile everyone who transmuted pet pods gets punished
  8. @Hime Can you explain to me why you're not giving the soul stones back? There was no soul stone exploit, they were all from legitimate sources, makes less than 0 sense.
  9. Ticket open for 5 days and they suddenly mark it as solved without me even doing anything. I don't think there are enough words in any human language to describe how trash this company is.
  10. Better be a good ass solution after 4 days having passed already.
  11. Just keep the cost the same going forward, there's no point to change it anymore.
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