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  1. We have been farming for the bracelet and it finally dropped, but our party member disconnected and he was the one in need of that bracelet. After few minutes the golden chest disappeared, without us even looting it. Can we have it back please. I dont understand why you guys said we opened the box? when we ddint even loot.
  2. They need to delete the pets now next patch is ancient pets they get free gear
  3. they should have delete the outfit box or remove the pet from box ncsoft listen.
  4. We are farming Hard mode dungeons for outfit, and non is dropping. Please change the outfit to 50runs or 100runs to be exchangable that would help players a lot.
  5. yes they are immutable they wont be upgradable
  6. UE4 did not fix the issue of low fps, and the game could have been great but listen to the player base, dont milk players and nerf gold. If you guys can fix the fps issue the game would make more money and last loger please read the post and make changes.
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