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  1. All Ncsoft had to do was make the saberfang pet + carp pet non-transmutable.. like the pet from the previous event (some lion cub?). This is my idea and I think its a better solution than some, its not great but hey whatever.
  2. I think this is an advertisement for premium. Since nonpremium can only sell 1000 items to merchant/day. Salvage the rest lul :)
  3. I'm wondering is this classified as a bug? The merchant sells the item for 2 threads. It doesnt say 25 (at that vendor), it says 2 and you spend 2 and get the item. It looks "intended". As for the salvage into 10 threads; yes it makes no sense. If a returning player logged in. Had no idea what was going on and bought one. Would you consider that abusing the 'bug'? IMO - There are too many people taking advantage of this currently. The marketplace for petpods is insane. I personally purchased rosethorn and saberfang over the past few days and spent over 6k for t
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