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  1. Hello the Wednesday up date 7.29.2020 resolved the issue for me and hopefully for everyone else as well :)
  2. I logged into B&S 7.22.20 and noticed that there was an update happening. After the update, I started the game and was continuing the story and quests where I am currently on Act 2 around chapter 15. I recently leveled up to 30 and clicked on the present that the master sends every 10 levels and noticed that it was in a different language than English. I continued and then when cut scene occurred the subtitles were no longer in English. I am wondering if anyone might be able to help me get the English subtitles back? (Everything was normal when I was playing the game yesterday 7.21). Basically aside from the cutscenes and the present from the master everything else still remains in English. I really want to be able to enjoy the story cause sometimes I miss things when I'm just listening being able to read what is being said really helps. I would really appreciate the help and thank you in advance!