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  1. Can’t Retrieve Chromatic Threads

    I honestly think it’s a glitch in my game. I already submitted a ticket two days ago and no response.
  2. Can’t Retrieve Chromatic Threads

    I did but I haven’t heard any response back
  3. Can’t Retrieve Chromatic Threads

    Also I just created a new character and tried to get them on there, same issue. I select the amount I want and select confirm, nothing happens.
  4. Can’t Retrieve Chromatic Threads

    It’s specifically the threads right now but in the past I’ve had trouble with other items I’ve purchased. And only the one right now, I don’t have anything else in there and plenty of space in my inventory.
  5. Can’t Retrieve Chromatic Threads

    Let me see
  6. So I’ve looked everywhere and I honestly can’t find a solution to this issue. I bought chromatic threads from the store and they appear in my mail. I have right-clicked the icon to the bottom right, selected to receive the max amount (I bought 10) and selected confirm. Nothing happens. I selected to collect only 1 of them and selected to confirm. Nothing happens. I can’t select the check box next to the message to “retrieve items” either. I’ve closed the game and reopened it. I’ve tried everything I can think of and I still can’t collect them. I’ve been able to collect them in the past, but it’s not letting me now for some reason. I think it’s a bug? Since I’ve followed every single forum post, Reddit post, and YouTube video on this and still can’t get it fixed.