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  1. Games dead

    The game is dying because developers doesn't listen to community problems and they don't do anything to repair/improve the game,there are hundreds of complains of game economy,gear upgrade progress,pvp unbalance,bg damage reduction,game crashes,fps drops and much more,they don't care,they make it worse with each patch,at the current state the game is GARBAGE and it doesn't worth to play.
  2. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    Nagisa dont bother to explain to these guys,they have no ideea about what pvp means and the curent state of pvp,for all of you i invite you to fight my warden in bg,if you are not 3rd spec fm or maxed out p2w whales you will need your whole team to kill me and i have only medium gear,but to you narrow minds probably you think that its something normal,thats how the pvp in bg is now,you cannot kill anyone and you cannot be killed,this whole game has become a big joke. My clan is one of the few active Cerulean clans who are still playing in cerulean faction and who does also PvP and clan battlegrounds,we are like medium gear,after the new patch you cannot kill any p2w whales anymore because you dont do any dmg to them,now its purely gear carryied so we all stopped playing pvp and clan battlegrounds. And for your information Nagisa is rank 1 gunner in the game and im also one of the top wardens in game,so dont tell me you noobs about "how good is the pvp",when they completly destroyed it and everyone quit playing battlegrounds exccept the p2w whales,when you have over 4000 bg, over 5000 arena matches and reach top class player based on you skill like us,not just p2w gear then maybe i will consider that you know something about pvp. This will be my last post,i wont bother to say anything they killed this game and soon will be a dead game. Good luck!
  3. I want to congratulate NCsoft or who just destroyed the pvp in battlegrounds,i played this game for 5 years from when the game launched on EU/NA servers,with the newest patch you destroyed the only good thing in this game the pvp battlegrounds,basically now with dps nerf its imposible to kill the whales,you do almost 0 dmg to them,before if you where more skilled than the whales you still could kill them now its just immposible. Like i said im a veteran in this game i have over 4000 battlegrounds matches and also im a small streamer who was bringing fame and new players to the game, but with the new patch you just destroyed everything that was still good in this game. Thanks NCsoft you just made me QUIT the game, im gonna go play another game. Im gonna come back when you listen to what your community is saying and when you repair your game.
  4. Im gonna give you an old veteran player ideea of what is the current state of the game after this new patch,im playing this game for 5 year from when they launched it in EU/NA,after this new patch they completly killed the game,they destroyed the pvp in battlegrounds,before if you where more skilled you could kill the whales,now you dont do any damage to them,its only a p2w gear fest,not to say that its also totally unbalanced. They destroyed the pve and economics of the game with gold reward reduction if before you where doing all dungeons you whould get around 100 gold from them now you get around 30 gold,it doesnt even worth to do dungeons anymore,also with this move they killed the new players base because now its 3 times more harder for them to get the gold to upgrade the gear. The trove event its a big scam,players put alot of money and gold and they dont get back not even half the value they invested. The game is extremly poorly optimized,in dungeons and raids when you fight bosses you play with 20-30 fps its almost unplayable (and yes i have a strong computer),the game also crashes without any reason in the worst time posible when you fight bosses in raids or when you fight in battlegrounds,they also removed BnS buddy the only thing that where improving a little the game performances and which had some nice features,in 5 years the developers didnt do anything to repair this performance issues. They dont listen to community feedback to improve the game quality and to resolve game problems. And with this last patch they completly destroyed the game,alot of players already quited the game,in a few weeks or months this game will be dead.
  5. This game seems to favor Whale fms

    What are you talking about,they completely destroyed the pvp in battlegrounds,before if you where more skilled than the whales you could kill them because you where doing dmg,now you cannot kill them because you dont do any damage to the whales,now its just pure p2w gear fest,me as a warden with medium gear i solo defended a base for 10 minutes against 3 maxed out whales in WW (a destroyer,blade master and assasin) and they couldnt kill me,if the enemy team is medium geared like me i guarantee that if the whole team attack me they cannot kill me and i also cannot kill them do you think that is something normal and correct? Now battlegrounds after this new patch its just a big whale p2w gear fest,skill doesnt matter anymore only gear matters now.
  6. over 5000 keys 0 penta gems

    You have better chance to win at the lottery then getting a pentagonal gem in trove,thats why i stopped playing trove for a long time ago and will never play it again until they make it worth it,right now trove is just a huge scam where many players put alot of money and they dont get anything usseful.
  7. Thank you Gunslinger is useless in 6v6

    Nagisa is right and this problem is for all classes not only gunslinger,now you cannot kill any whales anymore,before if you where more skilled you could still kill the whales,now its imposible they dont take any dmg,they destroyed the pvp battlegrounds,im also a pvp player with over 4000 bg matches but in this state the battlegrounds are unplayable,im gonna quit the game and will come back only if they repair this crap.