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  1. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    Exactly my point Exactly as what I said but someone above using this stupid argument to counter ours. After I countered him back and now he is gone missing as he lost argument and face.
  2. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    you are the one who missed the point entirely. What does free TT gear have anything to do whether a raid before it (VT) is made harder? Who said this has anything to do with knowing their skills/figuring the mech? DO YOU EVEN PLAY THE GAME SERIOUSLY? Do you even know how much a Raven gear tier player do (including their equivalent soul/heart/etc which is Blackstone tier)? And take those dps and there is dps down time (yes there is mechanic phase of killing spider SPAWNED BY BOSS) and just divide that Hive Queen's HP (1.25 B - there is boss healing, yes, if you play the game, which I DOUBT YOU DO because you basically don't know these if you still defend this enrage timer) and do simple mathematic with its current enrage timer? If you know a simple mathematic like this and you still can say about these stuff of knowing skills/figuring classes? LMAO. If you are not able to do simple mathematic, that's fine because I will do it for you: 1.25B, enrage timer 3 mins, 2 phases of spiders Assume you need ONLY 30 sec to clear each spider phase, which is actually impossible taking into account Raven's gear + have to dps the mini spider spawned by big spider + the mini spider spawning delay time + mini spider explosion animation, boss moving animation from center/to center, etc), but for God's sake let's just say it is possible. You are left with 2 mins of dps time. I am generous so I will not count the dps down time of doing the CC - Yes you are not doing DPS when you are doing CC. So how much DPS per raid member need to do? around 850k EACH PERSON CONSTANT HOLDING DPS AND NO ONE SHOULD DIE throughout the fight. HELLO? Can be done with Raven 9 weapon + raven level of gear tier (soul/heart/accs/etc)? HELLO? Still have anything to say to defend? Fine, it's 'probably' possible if you raid with 12 archers that has 150 max ping in Raid. Hahahahaha. what does free next raid gear (which was only once that is really free from the one box per account), has anything to do with whether a NATURAL raid challenge path is now made IMPOSSIBLE to do? Do you even play the game? WHAT EVER you say, whatever gear you are given previously CAN NEVER CHANGE THE FACT THAT: TEMPLE OF ELUVIUM in the story line is the raid to be challenged by people with raven gear. PERIOD. Nothing could ever change that. Do you even open your Ctrl+J window in the game and check what is the gear required for the raid? NOTHING could change the fact that the raid is now NOT CLEARABLE with Raven level of gear with this enrage timer change, which is RIDICULOUS. do you understand now? STILL DON'T? Then you prob should think better because your way of white-knighting the company doesn't make it. Try better. Goodluck. If you want to make the raid harder, you still need to make sure it is clear-able with the raid requirement gear, otherwise you are just breaking the game.
  3. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    I agree that this is a better way to solve this, reduce the reward REASONABLY.
  4. Please also reconsider the enrage times

    ??? who said it was not doable with raven9 before awakening? AND NOTHING TO DO with free TT gear or whatever. With the previous enrage timer IT WAS TOTALLY FINE, awakening or not awakening whatever you want to say. But now VT is 3 raids away from the latest raid, AND YET, you try with Raven 9 now, WITH AWAKENING (as you think so high about it using this as excuse to say people can clear), go clear it with Raven9 and prove your words, I will give you some reward as well (to motivate you). I'm very confident you cannot do that, because why? Because no other 11 people with Raven9 that will want to do it with you. AND SO? No other people with lower gear want to do with you, but YOU EXPECT other people who are raiding this raid to do it with Raven9? So you are asking something that is not feasible for other people, but you expect not the same case for yourself? Hahaha. I ask you back the question, DO YOU ALSO PLAY THE GAME SOMETIMES? Do you know doing VERY OUTDATED raid for weak players/players with not so good skills AND YET unable to clear due to enrage timer IS NO way beneficial TO ANYONE AT ALL?