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  1. You're too right! I did some work to sort out the problem for the most part, so I got it back down to 200ms (which is doable now). Thank you for the recommendation!
  2. I actually have a similar question but in regards to latency. Stateside I don't have many issues after I troubleshot most of the latency and FPS issues one deals with on any given game or platform. Now, however, I'm located elsewhere in the world and in order for me to continue to play on my account I have to reach back to the servers in the US. Because of this, my latency is VERY high (300-500ms), but CONSISTENT. This brings me to my question: Anyone know which class plays the best with such a high latency/low ping rate? Naturally I'll have to steer towards playing only PvE s
  3. I'm 100% with you as I'm in the same boat. I'm actually considering starting a guild that focuses on every dungeon pre level 60 for this very reason; focusing the recruiting efforts on those that are building Alternate Characters (Alts), or need some help carrying people through the lower level dungeons. I also make a good faith effort and use the systems provided every time and sometimes I get lucky with a helpful citizen willing to go back a few Acts to help me out. Best of luck!
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