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  1. I suggest you find a helpful clan. Helps to have a few buddies guide you through all the info.
  2. You should be able to earn 7 Sacred Vials a week. 9 if you have premium. 3 Unity Store 2 Dragon Express 2 Event Tab Dragon Express 2 Premium Tag The only real limitation is collecting Sacred Vials. Helps to have an alt or two.
  3. Gonna go out on a limb here and say the whole Ceru vs Crim probably has more to do with the time of day you play. I have friend in Ceru who claims it's way more active than Crim. Oddly, I see lots of folks in Crim claiming it is more active and helpful than Ceru. I started off Ceru, joined a few clans, all were dead. Switched Crim as a clan recruitment and found the community livelier there.
  4. Expansion slots remained open from previous Trove. Waiting to see if I need to request a refund for purchase a key/expansion slot combo.
  5. I don't see many barriers for new players beyond the lack of information. If in game descriptions and/or content explained to players what their options were, it would be significantly more appealing to new players. Ironically, the OP brought this up right as another Call to Arms event is launching. C2A is specifically designed to help new players get "caught up". The problem remains many new players would never know this. A helpful community is always a plus, but it cannot make up for the poor descriptions in game.
  6. BnS had 2-3 Call to Arm events in the past 12 months.
  7. I labored under the misconception all the items on the Fortunes Favor boards were an RNG roll. This suggests one could obtain any item on the board with a fortunate RNG roll. Based on my experience and a few others, this does not seem to be the case. The Red Box item appears to only be obtainable after all the RNG items have be obtained. Essentially, you must clear the board before getting these items?
  8. This items seems to be the source of trouble. I tested a Special Hongmoon XP Charm and it had a 2 second cool down. I then clicked on this Deluxe version, for the same amount of XP but has the added benefit of changing all my other XP charms to 24 hour cool downs.
  9. This issue appears unresolved. How do we contact support? I have the same requirement under Enduring Strength and Eternal Soul. Cannot complete either. Combat Log registers the Knockdown but it is resisted every time. I execute the combo when the Purple attack field is visible and both status bubbles under Acrimor's HP bar are empty.
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