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  1. Unity visual effects

    Hello, since the patch came out I can't find how to disable the unity visual effects. There isn't any option concerning the matter in the game settings.
  2. Unity visual effects

    I guess you meant ctrl+G. Yeah, already tried and it doesn't work anymore. As for the advanced effect option, I also checked and nothing worked.
  3. Bonjour, depuis la maj, il n'y a plus aucun moyen de cacher les effets visuels de rang de cohésion. J'ai beau avoir cherché partout dans les paramètres, rien n'y fait, ni même ctrl + G.
  4. Need cute and cool cosmetics in f10

    I'd like to see solar and lunar eclipse, or transcendence in f10. So many cool outfits never came back in the game. They just keep giving us reworks of the same outfits.
  5. Solo raid bug

    Thanks for your help, I just sent them a ticket.
  6. Solo raid bug

    Hello, I came back on Bns after a 3 year break. I've heard you can complete the BT orange quest line solo now. But when I'm in front of the boss I actually have no way to get to him. If I recall correctly there should be a dragon pulse right before the boss but there's nothing. Is this a bug or did I do something wrong ? https://imgur.com/a/qw2zfN0
  7. Solo raid bug

    Yes I already did that twice but that changed nothing.