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  1. no it's not 80% of the community is thinking of quiting because NC soft is getting more and more greedier and the dungeon nerfs won't make you able to progress unless you pay with real money :D it's time to just quit the game and chill in other mmos
  2. @Hime The gold nerf should not be taking place Unless you want the gap between the new players and the old ones to get bigger, the new players already struggle to make gold and to progress as it is because the community is not the most helpful and the AP means everything, with these gold changes you would only make the community even more dead and some people wouldn't even run dungeons anymore + these gold changes would not hurt the end game player what so even because they already have +100k golds it will only widen the already VERY WIDE GAPE THERE IS THANKS TO YOUR EVENTS ( example NIGHT REF
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