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  1. they are like corona viruses and it's about time I say " my time has come " #retired
  2. if u win by justifying thousands of ways it's same using a cheat!!! let's see if this game will last long time with people like this?
  3. I think it would be better if the mode status was equaled so that the newbie could fight too. but not for afker, traper usually hm 17,18,19,20 with low gear compiling them afker / trapper having connection difficulties I see there are 2 people disconnecting / offline in 1 match 6vs6 hmmm I think they like to play with lots of clients? is that justified?
  4. You can survive if you use a PVP weapon the most important thing in pvp is the piercing attribute, debuff damage, crit damage and crit deff, more hp
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