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  1. It is so simple to understand which classes need a nerf and which a buff, just check how many pg are gold in duels for each class. Spoiler alert: The worst is ALWAYS the warden followed by the warlock and gunner. Just check yourself, it is always like that.
  2. less gear rank= less battlepoints earn more gear rank= more battlepoints earn so simple so all players upgrade their gear to earn more battlepoints.
  3. I've never ask for damage reductions, i ask to change battleground's matchmaking system to divide the teams so that they have comparable equipment levels (weapons, accessories, soulshield)
  4. I have already explained it, I mean when the matchmakin puts in a team players exaggeratedly better equipped than the other and this happens in all the maps. each of the players wants to win but the game should take care to make comparable teams fight, it's called balance. It makes no sense to have a small car and a Ferrari fight on equal terms
  5. this game is full of lamers who only enjoy taking advantage of low-level players by "selling" them raids instead of helping them voluntarily as in any game in the world and abusing their time in battlegrounds without giving them half a chance to win. It is a shame that the developers do not intervene to resolve this situation
  6. Basic pvp gear it's totaly useless in bg right now, with ivory beluga and ascendant 9/10 you make so low damage that this game considers you afk and give you a soft ban. each of the 4 classes should have its own matchmaking and its own ranking with much greater rewards as you go up
  7. Game's developers purposely included 4 different pvp classes of weapons and soul shields in the game 1) ascendand and ivory beluga 2)dragon forge and nova core 3)incenerator and avenging 4)dragonfang and dragonfang soul shield these different classes make no sense competing together, matchmaking must keep them separate why should i level my equipment? Because a higher class should earn more battle points than the previous one In this way everyone can enjoy this game mode and everyone would have an incentive to improve equipment and the price of
  8. it is so obvious that there is not much to say, except if some no brain thinks that for a 10 hg a game against a 30 hg with 2800 pvp attack power can be enjoyable just because they are both bronze. And maybe so the lamers with 2500 pvp attack power who remain on purpose at low rank only to farm more battle points against players unable to do them a single damage stop with that bullshit.
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