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  1. Ticket# : 23598125 Character: InRaBo Server: Jinsoyun (EU)
  2. U should close the firewall and virus programs. Probably something open background check everything about security. After that scan at nc launcher then start to contunie probably it ll download
  3. Okey thanks so much thats very helpfull for me. When i reach 1.5k ap can u help me about rotation to :D?
  4. Is it hard to get wingrise soul badge? and how should i setup simple mode? i mean which keybinds i need to use on that( and dont forget im new player here :D)
  5. I am newbei at this game just started to play 3 days ago(I am 50 lvl atm). Actually I need large information about sf not only skill rotation. which specs should i need to play spec talents etc. which skills should i need to macro it and if any usefull addons for sf can u share with me
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