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  1. Hi, I have the same problem. No matter which charm i use 10k, 100k, 1m (deluxe or special) counter starts counting down 24 hours. Edit: Problem started after new event launch.
  2. Yes, but You think in short term: 1) They will finish someday 2) When They will finish, while marked isn't flooded by items, prices will rise 3) They were free, now they isn't. It can cause rise of prices to limit where dungeon don't give profits (gold, drop) Yes, I'm doing HM and CS solo for drop and gold. Extra expense to buy orb just make it less attractive, but as Li Mingxia said:
  3. Yeah, event made it chance drop, but theres lack of orbs which was before this mod and forced ppl to find party (CS + HM). This fragile ballance now is destroyed. We ended in situation when You can't make dungeon becouse you don't have orb, but you have daily quest in that dungeon which is hilarious. The best option would be made it 100% chance drop from event boxes. You will get dungeons runs, ppl doing full dailies, and forced to do event becouse they need orbs.
  4. About light vs. wind: depends what is easier for You :) Since i learned wind rotation i can give much more dps than on light, but i played light maybe for 4 days vs 4 months on wind. Wind is much more easier for me, but IMO its glass cannon, 1 block (0.5s), 1 stun, 1 KD, vs many skills on light. Light can also give fine dps, if you learn it. I have problem with soul badges, theres not much info in google aboud soul badges and effects. :/ in all trees theres no archers ;/
  5. I'm playing wind and its fine :).
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